When the level of cleanliness is so consistent, it goes unnoticed.



Our mission is to provide the same high quality of service every day, ensuring the preservation of your company's assets.  Caring for your furniture, floors and windows as if they were our own.  Providing a full range of janitorial and specialty services, so that your facility can look its absolute best.


Pritchard is a privately-held, founder-owned and operated business.  You see, we're deeply committed to our clients and their community.  Which is why having consistency in our management team is so important to us.  That way you get dependable service.  Genuine service.  A willingness to do whatever it takes to satisfy.  



We make it our business to understand your business.  To know your preferences so we can cater to them.  Choosing not only the finest environmentally safe products, but the most qualified people to care for your facility.  Establishing a set of rigorous quality standards designed for your facility alone.