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For over over 3 decades our mission at Pritchard Industries hasn’t changed: Professionally creating a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment with proven facility solutions. A partnership with Pritchard is long-lasting, come see why many of our clients have stayed with us since day one.

An industry leader, partnering with you for cleanliness and safety.

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We’re committed to providing clean and healthy surroundings so you can focus on what matters most. Our pride shines as we care for your buildings and tenants, the way we would for our own families. Your workplace is our workspace. Like you, we value peace of mind in a clean and healthy building—embracing top technology to meet new demands for protection, cleanliness, and agile services, scaled to your facilities and challenges. One thing stays the same: Our commitment.

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How do you know it’s clean?
We measure it and test it.

We expect great results from our work. That means constant attention to quality control and quality assurance with our specially developed monitoring system, CleanTouch. So you can feel confident from the moment you enter your space. Available reports can document this, with scheduled services and resilience for challenges. It’s all built into our proprietary system that keeps our locally managed teams on top of what you need. We’ve got your back, so you can get back to work.

Quality Control


Get a front-line team that’s up to date: Locally managed building services with corporate support, providing processes and products for healthy indoor spaces.

Clean is good; disinfected and sanitized is vital; and we can even provide antimicrobial coatings for additional protection. Our clients choose the services that fit their facilities and schedules. That’s why more than 96% of clients stay with us long term, which we admit is a remarkable rating. We earn it daily. Match your needs to our essential services.



Pure solutions. Healthy spaces. Clean air.

When we clean and protect your workspace, we carry environmental values indoors with us, even as we salute them as essential outdoors, too. Certified and award-winning in care for your environment, Pritchard Industries contributes with you to a better world.

Protect yourself, your team, and your space, inside and out, with services from Pritchard Industries.

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