Commercial Handyman Services

Enhance your building maintenance with commercial handyman services from Pritchard Industries. Our customizable services address everything from routine maintenance to minor repairs so you can focus on running your business.


Commercial building managers, owners, and janitorial department heads must manage various tasks to keep properties operating smoothly. The last thing you need is general maintenance tasks consuming all your valuable time.

A commercial handyman service from Pritchard Industries is the ultimate solution. You can delegate tasks, from office cleaning to furniture assembly, to a team of experts. We’ll keep your property in peak condition, elevating your brand’s reputation.

Commercial Handyman Services from Pritchard Industries

As experts in building maintenance, commercial cleaning, and minor repair tasks, Pritchard Industries offers a comprehensive commercial handyman service, tuned to the needs of every industry. We can provide assistance with tasks like:

  • Interior and exterior painting: We can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial space, and increase foot traffic to your facility.
  • Furniture assembly, finishing, and repair: Our commercial services can include the efficient setup and repair of office furniture.
  • General maintenance: We prevent minor issues from mutating into costly problems, help enhance the safety and functionality of workspaces, and protect your assets.
  • Minor repair and light carpentry: With expertise in everything from drywall repair to door repair, we’ll ensure damage to your building doesn’t harm your reputation.
  • Lighting maintenance: Our lighting maintenance services ensure your electrical systems function effectively, improving productivity, customer experience, and safety.
  • Commercial cleaning: Our janitorial cleaning services keep your property pristine, eliminating bacteria, germs, and unsightly dust or dirt.
  • HVAC filter replacement: We can help improve air quality throughout your organization with simple and efficient HVAC filter replacement and minor maintenance.
  • Minor plumbing: Our handymen prevent plumbing issues from disrupting business operations, fixing small leaks, pipe issues, and more.

Additional Services Offered by Pritchard

Leading the way in comprehensive facility services, Pritchard Industries can also offer a range of add-on services to our handyman support solutions, such as:

  • A comprehensive janitorial service plan and office cleaning solution.
  • Disinfecting and pressure washing for optimal hygiene.
  • Exterior services such as landscaping and outdoor repair.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning, repair, and maintenance.
  • Marble, stone, and metal restoration

Who We Help

We’re proud to serve facility managers and business owners from a range of industries and across various locations, with solutions specifically tailored to their needs. Our handyman services support:

  • Airports: Airlines and airports must manage constant foot traffic while ensuring operations run smoothly. Our handyman services ensure these environments remain safe and welcoming for staff and travelers.
  • Commercial offices: A professional handyman in a commercial office supports ongoing workplace productivity and employee comfort.
  • Labs: In lab settings our meticulous approach to addressing your cleaning and maintenance needs will ensure your location remains safe, compliant, and productive.
  • Warehouses: For warehouse environments, our professional handymean remove clutter, dirt, and debris, ensuring your service area remains clean and hygienic.
  • Medical offices: Health-focused offices and facilities must adhere to high standards to protect patient well-being. Our services help eliminate common causes of contamination and potential risks.
  • Data centers: Taking a cautious approach to protecting your most valuable assets, our handymen will ensure you can keep your data centers free from dust, and clutter.
  • Schools and educational facilities: Work with Pritchard Industries to transform your learning environment into a supportive landscape for students and faculty.

Why Pritchard Industries?

Offering extensive coverage with our wide range of commercial services, Pritchard Industries is a leading partner for building maintenance. Boasting a 96% client retention rate, and a range of customizable solutions for different industries, Pritchard delivers the ultimate combination of expertise and innovation.

Whether you’re looking for green cleaning services, general maintenance solutions, or handyman repair, we’re here to help. Plus, our industry-leading quality assurance standards ensure we deliver exceptional results every time.

Discover the benefits of hiring your own professional handyman services from an industry leader. Contact Pritchard Industries today.


What types of commercial properties do you serve?
At Pritchard Industries, we provide handyman services to many companies, including organizations in the airport, medical, data center, educational, and commercial industries. We can also support warehouses, labs, medical offices, and more.
Do you offer routine maintenance packages for commercial properties?
We can adapt your service package to suit your needs, offering janitorial services, routine maintenance, and more. No matter your requirements, we provide professional handyman services that elevate your building’s functionality, durability, and appearance.
Are your handymen trained in commercial building codes and regulations?
Absolutely. We comply with the latest industry guidelines by training and certifying more than 170,000 team members. We also follow stringent quality assurance guidelines to ensure exceptional results for every company.
How quickly can you respond to urgent repair requests for commercial properties?
We strive to offer a reliable and prompt service for companies needing emergency support. We’ll adhere to your specific timelines and deadlines as much as possible without compromising on quality service.
Do you have experience working with specialized equipment or fixtures commonly found in commercial buildings?
Yes, our teams have extensive experience working in unique environments, from medical offices to labs, commercial offices, data centers, and warehouses. Our team members can adapt to your organization’s specific needs.
What safety protocols do you have in place to ensure the well-being of our employees and customers during your work on our commercial property?
We follow stringent quality assurance and safety standards to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, clients, and visitors when we work in your facility.
Can you assist with office renovations or remodeling projects?
We can help with minor repair work for various pieces of furniture in your office, as well as drywall, stonework, marble, and metal facades. Contact us to find out more about our support for remodeling and renovations.
Do you offer after-hours or weekend services to minimize disruptions to our business operations?
Our customizable services are designed to meet your specific needs. If you have a requirement for after-hours or weekend services, contact our team to see if we can accommodate you.

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