Metal Restoration

Revitalize your metal assets with our distinguished metal restoration service, dedicated to preserving the integrity and allure of your valued investments.

Metal is a valuable and versatile material in the construction and architectural landscape, offering an incredible combination of durability and aesthetic appeal.

However, as robust as metal surfaces might seem, they’re not immune to damage. Corrosion, oxidation, rust, and even scratches or dents can easily detract from the functional value, structural integrity, and visual appeal of your metal finishings.

Professional metal restoration services, offered by innovators like Pritchard Industries, ensure you can extend the longevity of your metal surfaces. As experts in everything from commercial cleaning to business maintenance services, we can optimize the lifespan of metal facades, furniture, and more.

Here’s your guide to the incredible benefits offered by our metal restoration, refinishing, and cleaning services.

What are Metal Restoration Services?

Metal restoration is the art of returning metal surfaces and objects, damaged by time, external factors, and wear, to their original condition. With metal restoration services, the skilled craftsmen at Pritchard Industries go above and beyond the basics of mere metal refinishing, which typically involves using polishes to enhance a material’s appearance.

Restoration enhances the lifespan and functionality of metal surfaces, removing scratches and dents, and addressing deeper damage, to breathe fresh life into your materials. We can help you fight back against the negative effects of moisture, oxidation, and neglect, with services that cover:

  • Scratch removal: Using precise techniques to meticulously remove scratches and dents, restoring the smoothness, luster, and uniform appearance of metal surfaces.
  • Vandalism repair: Cleaning and addressing the damage caused by graffiti, deliberate damage, or etching, revitalizing your location’s appearance.
  • Field oxidation: Treating and preventing oxidation and rust that can occur when metal is exposed to external elements and moisture.
  • Metal painting: Applying high-quality finishes to architectural metal and furniture, from metal polish to colorful coatings.

We also offer support with a range of other metal finishing techniques, from applying protective coatings and sealants to the metal on a historic building, to implementing protections to prevent the risk of future damage and scratches.

The Importance of Professional Metal Restoration, Refinishing, and Maintenance

Metal restoration is a delicate process that requires a level of expertise and precision. We’ve worked with local companies for years as experts in metal restoration, providing consistent attention to detail and care. We’ve even assisted in restoring the appearance and structural integrity of metal surfaces throughout historical buildings.

Our holistic approach to metal restoration combines years of industry expertise with cutting-edge solutions and technologies designed to preserve the historic value of structures, enhance their aesthetic appeal, and ensure ongoing durability.

We can expand the lifespan of all kinds of metal surfaces, from brass facades to steel railings, eliminating the need for costly replacements. Plus, we can help to protect your building against future damage caused by corrosion and scratches.

Types of Metal Surfaces Suitable for Restoration

Metal restoration techniques can be applied to a wide range of different materials and projects. Whether you’re revitalizing wrought iron railings, copper or precious metal art pieces, bronze or brass furniture, stainless steel or aluminum, we can adapt our process to suit your needs.

Our metal restoration services have helped countless companies restore the value of their metal surfaces, bringing renewed life and durability to:

  • Railings: Our team has comprehensively enhanced and restored railings designed for both security and building health and safety.
  • Fences and gates: We’ve worked on fences and gates constructed with wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Statues and sculptures: We revive the aesthetic appeal and historical value of artistic pieces, sculptures, and impressive statues.
  • Light fixtures: The team at Pritchard Industries can refurbish and enhance vintage and modern light fixtures, to illuminate spaces with renewed brilliance.

Our Metal Restoration Process

Prioritizing exceptional customer care and bespoke service, the Pritchard Industries team takes a comprehensive approach to metal restoration. Our multi-stage process includes:

  • Assessment: We begin every project with a thorough assessment of the metalwork to be restored, ensuring we have a clear view of the specific restoration techniques to use.
  • Surface cleaning and preparation: Using our commercial cleaning skills, we prepare the surface for restoration, removing dirt, oil, and corrosion.
  • Repair: Using best-practice techniques and technologies, we address the structural issues, imperfections, and damage caused to your metal surfaces.
  • Finishing: Leveraging our knowledge of polishing, coating, plating, and refinishing, we ensure you can achieve the best possible finish for your metal surfaces.
  • Inspection: Finally our teams will work with you on a comprehensive inspection, to ensure the finished results of your project meet your standards and requirements.

Why Choose Pritchard Industries Metal Restoration Services?

As a leading facility management company, we assist businesses of all sizes, from all industries with services that range from commercial cleaning to plumbing, electrical maintenance, wood and marble restoration, and even metal restoration.

Our expertise, experience, and commitment to exceptional customer care make us the ideal partner for countless businesses. Our comprehensive services can adapt to suit any company’s metal restoration needs, and our approach to quality assurance ensures we always delight and impress our clients.

Reach out to Pritchard Industries today for a quote on your metal restoration project.


What is metal restoration?
Metal restoration is the process of returning a metal surface or object back to its original condition. It involves repairing various forms of damage, from corrosion to scratches and dents, to restore the visual appeal and structural integrity of the product.
How can metals get damaged over time and what are some of the ways to prevent the damage?
Damage to metal surfaces can be caused by moisture (oxidation and rust), environmental conditions, and deliberate or accidental vandalism. Metal surfaces can be restored using innovative techniques, and defended from further damage with protective coatings.
Can rusted metal be restored?
Rusted metal can be restored by a professional metal restoration team. Companies can remove the excess rust, repair scratches and dents caused by rust, and apply finishes or sealants to protect against further deterioration.
Can corroded metal be restored?
If the corrosion damage on a metal surface is light or moderate, it is possible to restore the surface, removing evidence of corrosion and protecting against further damage. Even metal used throughout historical buildings can be restored with the correct techniques.

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