School Cleaning Services

Elevate the standard of cleanliness in educational settings with our meticulous school cleaning services, where every corner is tended to with care.


We provide expert school cleaning services for K-12 schools and any associated industrial-style classrooms that may come with a trade or career and technical facility.

Our premium school cleaning services are perfect for:

School Cleaning Areas

With Pritchard Industries, our school cleaning services provide exactly what you need to keep every inch of your educational facility clean and tidy.

Common Areas

Our professional cleaning services include all common areas, including

  • School cafeterias
  • Breakrooms
  • Hallways
  • Auditoriums

Each of these common areas has its own cleaning considerations that must be taken into account.

For example:

  • Cafeteria areas are normally high-traffic locations with high-touch surfaces that require more frequent disinfection.
  • Auditoriums feature soft surfaces such as curtains that require sanitization but aren’t always manageable without professional help.

At Pritchard, we are not only aware of what each area needs, but we are also equipped to address those needs quickly and efficiently.

With Pritchard, your common areas will always be in good hands. From regular janitorial services to deep cleaning, Pritchard’s cleaning staff is equipped for every situation.


Commercial cleaning services for a school restroom requires our special disinfecting services utilizing quality cleaning products such as a professional disinfectant.

We clean and disinfect restrooms as well as restock restroom consumables, such as toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.

Parking Areas and Grounds

Maximize your curb appeal by letting Pritchard Industries take care of your landscaping and power washing.

Effects of a well-manicured school may include

  • Increased information retention
  • Improved student and teacher faculty morale
  • Higher property value

By letting us take care of the exterior areas, you can focus all your time and attention on what you do best: keeping your school running smoothly.

Gym and Locker Room

Prichard’s school cleaning services include:

  • Locker room cleanups and detailing
  • Gym cleaning and disinfecting

Paying special care and attention in these areas are more important than you might think.

  • Cheerleader club rooms
  • Football, baseball, and soccer locker rooms
  • Weight rooms

Spaces like these are breeding grounds for microbes.

In these spaces, our Pritchard Industries staff can employ antimicrobial coatings and regular disinfection to ensure student and faculty safety.


The classrooms are where the students and teachers will spend the majority of their time. As such, they require special cleaning attention.

Classrooms need regular disinfection and restocking for consumables such as hand sanitizer, tissues, and waste bags.

Pritchard Industries school cleaning services takes care of your classrooms so that everyone can enjoy a safe and clean learning environment.

Specialized Services

In addition to the standard school cleaning services listed above, Pritchard Industries also offers specialized services.

Depending on your needs, one or more of these specialized services may be right for you and your campus.

Event Space Preparation & Cleanup

Pritchard’s dedicated team provides assistance with event setup, event staff support, and post event tear-down including various cleaning responsibilities.

General Area Cleaning & Disinfecting

As mentioned above, Pritchard Industries specializes in the cleaning and disinfecting of general areas around campus.

These areas will include the cafeteria, breakroom, common area, classrooms.

In each general area, we pay special attention to the following:

  • Touchpoint cleaning
  • Wall washing
  • Stairwell disinfection
  • Display dusting and washing
  • Ceiling and light fixture cleaning

From door handles to window cleaning, your general areas will be clean and sanitized. This greatly reduces the spread of infections among your students while simultaneously protecting your investments in property and equipment.

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

In school environments, regular floor cleaning and carpet cleaning are a must.

We maintain floor state and ensure carpets are cleaned regularly.

No matter the type of floors, we come prepared. Our crews use Green Seal-friendly floor wax strippers and fresh wax applications.

Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning

Both exterior and interior window cleaning can make a huge difference, both in the general cleanliness and appearance of your campus.

Letting in the sunlight and keeping views crisp and clean can make a big difference.


When it comes to maintaining your grounds, Pritchard Industries is here to help.

We can oversee such matters as the following:

  • Daily recycling and garbage pickup
  • Seasonal landscaping and snow removal

Snow clearing and removal are vital services in areas such as NYC, where snow and ice can create a plethora of environmental hazards.

Benefits of Prichard’s School Cleaning Services

Outsourcing all these matters to a friendly and professional school janitorial service can take the weight of responsibility off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best: educating. A properly cared for campus means improved test scores and decrease absenteeism. Pritchard can take care of the following:

  • All general cleaning services
  • Sanitization and infection control through our premium disinfection service
  • Restocking of daily essentials, such as paper products, sanitizers, cleansers, and so forth
  • Campus-wide quality control

Perhaps best of all, Pritchard Industries takes care of all this without bringing harm to the world.

Environmental awareness is at the core of our business. We’ve become LEED certified by the WELL Institute, and Green Seal certified, and our staff are regularly updated on the leading edge in green cleaning procedures and technology (including cleaning solutions).

We keep things clean and green!

Get Started with Pritchard Industries Today

If you find yourself in need of janitorial services—whether that be for an elementary school, high school, or even college cleaning services—Pritchard Industries is here to help.

We have immediate openings and would love to hear more about your commercial cleaning needs and discuss how we can meet them. And be sure to learn more about our green cleaning and responsibility to the environment.

To hear more about our premium school cleaning services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing more about your campus working with you to keep it clean.

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