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Transform your property’s image with impeccable commercial landscape services from Pritchard.


Pritchard can ensure your sites are flawlessly and effortlessly maintained.

Maintenance & Lawn Care


  • We utilize the highest-quality mulches to compliment your site’s outward appearance and desired aesthetic. Some sites will benefit more from rubber mulches, while others natural mulches. You can customize your sites down to the scent that rests outside the doors.

Storm Preparedness

  • We ensure your site has proper drainage and rooting in order to prevent harmful runoff and aesthetic erosion. It’s not just good for the look of your campus, it’s also good for the environment.
  • If necessary, we can install external drainage and flow-management systems to keep your site safe from virtually any storm. 

Turf and Plant Care

  • Sometimes, real grass can provide challenges that are simply too great for natural seeding. Some examples include sites in CA and AZ-based locales that are under water and/or sprinkler use restriction.
  • In these cases, Pritchard is proud to offer turf installation and upkeep to ensure a consistent experience and aesthetic. 

Fertilization & Weeding

  • Pritchard offers a wide variety of landscape renovation services, including grass roll-up and replacement, turf installation, landscape design, flowering, grass seeding, plant transplanting, tree cultivation, and more. 

Landscape Renovation

  • Pritchard offers a wide variety of landscape renovation services, including grass roll-up and replacement, turf installation, landscape design, flowering, grass seeding, plant transplanting, tree cultivation, and more. 

Water Management

Pritchard offers limited-scope water management for our clients who require it. This may include things like irrigation installation and management among other services.

Irrigation Management

  • Irrigation is a vital part of maintaining greenscapes in arid or otherwise hostile environments. As part of our landscape renovations, we offer limited irrigation installation and management services. 

    Note: Some locales limit or prohibit the use of irrigation and/or irrigation equipment. Pritchard Industries is not responsible for any compliance issues that may arise as a result of irrigation equipment installation or use, in compliance with the manufacturer’s accepted design and usage standards and terms of use.

Sustainable Water Enhancements


Tree Care

Trees form the visual backbone of many landscapes as well as providing strong roots to anchor the soil beneath the campus. Pritchard offers a full-suite of tree care, preservation, and removal service​

Tree Removal

  • ​Sometimes, trees can fall prey to pests, illness, and even weather damage that results in loss of plant life. Pritchard is available and insured for tree removal services because your facility shouldn’t have to suffer too. 

Tree Preservation

  • When trees become infected, infested, or otherwise compromised, Prtichard is proud to provide services to help restore life to the trees. 
  • This may include the application of fertilizer, support structures, systemic pesticides, or other methods, in alignment with the Pritchard brand and LEED Green standards. 

Emergency Storm Removal

  • Sometimes a storm deals an irreparable blow to on-site flora. When trees become heavily damaged by storms, we’re available to remove them at a moment’s notice. Sometimes a day makes the difference between a successful tree extraction and a damaged facility. 

Pruning and Maintenance​

  • In general, trees tend to be pretty low-maintenance, but we still labor to take care of them. Proper pruning, fertilization, and other tree maintenance operations are vital to a long-living and strong-standing tree.

Reliable Commercial Landscaping Company

Landscaping isn’t just about creating a beautiful site, though it is about that also. Landscaping is about cultivating the experience of your customers and clients—one of many reasons Pritchard has retained more than 96% of our clients after more than a century of business. 

We support the following business types in cultivating an impactful visitation experience, though we may be available for service contracts with others on an individual basis.

  • Commercial Real Estate Companies that manage
    • Class A Office Buildings
    • Corporate Parks
    • Work Centers 
  • Educational Facilities (K-12 & Higher Education), 
  • Medical Office Buildings, 
  • Government Buildings and 
  • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Data Centers

Additional Benefits Working with Pritchard Industries: 

  • We provide Industry-leading training and preparation programs for our technicians
  • Pritchard is proud to be LEED Green certified and listed as a Green Seal company, ensuring consistent environmental awareness and care
  • Pritchard employees and contractors receive consistent training updates and refresher sessions 
  • We’ve refined our effective approaches to planning and implementation over more than 100 years in business
  • Our industry-leading customer retention rate (over 96%) shows our true attention to detail
  • A well-Documented QA process ensures that Pritchard employees miss no details

Pritchard is not just a commercial landscaping company learn more today.

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