Airport Cleaning Services

Expert airport cleaning services ensure a safe and hygienic environment for travelers and staff by meticulously sanitizing and disinfecting all areas of the airport.


Local and Regional Airport Cleaning Services

An airport is more than just a transportation facility, it’s a gateway to adventure and exploration. Unfortunately, these busy, high-traffic locations are often subject to a huge quantity of dirt, grime, and dust. To provide travelers with a safe, comfortable, and hygienic experience, facility directors and managers need to ensure they’re keeping these public areas clean.

Of course, with so much space to cover, and countless important compliance factors to keep in mind, it can be difficult for any manager to keep on top of the maintenance routine. That’s where professional around-the-clock airport cleaning services from Pritchard Industries come in.

Professional Airport Cleaning Services

Pritchard cleaning professionals are equipped with the right training and tools to make any airport cleaner, more hygienic, and more attractive to your passengers. Our customizable janitorial services can adapt to suit your maintenance plan, with options including:

  • General Cleaning: Our cleaning experts will handle everything from dusting and vacuuming, to mopping, and wiping down surfaces in high-traffic areas, ensuring every part of your airport environment gleams. We can even offer deeper cleaning services after busy periods, to banish bacteria, minimize germs, and keep your terminal safe.
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting: Bathrooms in airports can be a breeding ground for germs, that’s why our experts work tirelessly to ensure every restroom is kept in pristine condition. We’ll clean everything from toilets and sinks to countertops and mirrors, using the highest-quality cleaning solutions and resources available.
  • Trash removal: With so many staff members and passengers passing through your airport each day, trash can quickly build up. Our professional cleaning services include regular, efficient trash removal and waste management solutions. Plus, we always adhere to local regulations and environmental standards.
  • Carpet cleaning and floor surface care: No matter the type of flooring throughout your terminals, our cleaning professionals have the tools required to keep them in perfect condition. We use specialized equipment to eliminate dirt, stains, and allergens, so your airport floors always look amazing, from top to bottom.
  • Window cleaning: Preserve the beauty of your airport, and the amazing views of your planes with our phenomenal window cleaning services. We make sure we remove all dirt, streaks, and smudges from windows, as well as glass doors and other glass surfaces.
  • Power washing: For those particularly tough to clean areas, such as visitors parking lots, sidewalks, and cargo areas, we leverage phenomenal power washing tools to remove tough stains and dirt in seconds.

What To Expect from the Pritchard Industries Team

At Pritchard Industries, we’re a leading provider committed to excellence. This means consistently investing in our team to ensure they can deliver the best service to every client. When you work with Pritchard, you get a highly trained, compassionate team, offering:

  • Phenomenal quality control: The Pritchard CleanTouch Quality Assurance system ensures every team member consistently delivers the highest standard of service. Our electronic QA system ensures no details are missed, and allows us to constantly exceed industry standards. We’re committed to ensuring every service we offer goes above and beyond the competition.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting training: Our team members are trained to the highest cleanliness standards. We teach every employee how to use the best tools and equipment for cleaning and hygiene, without compromising on safety, security, or eco-friendliness. We’re proud to say our staff are experts in their space. We even hold multiple certifications for green cleaning.
  • Security/TSA training: Pritchard Industry staff members adhere to the industry standards set by airport security and TSA teams, to ensure absolute peace of mind for our customers. We will always comply with security procedures, safety regulations and access controls set by your airport. No compromises, and no excuses.
  • Strong, reliable support: Keeping your airport clean is important to the health and safety of both your passengers and employees. That’s why we strive to consistently offer reliable, trustworthy, and consistent support to every client, customizable to your needs. Our staff work as an extension of your airport team, acting as the ultimate hygiene partner.

Discover the Ultimate Partner for Airport Facility Cleaning

Keeping your airport clean and pristine is crucial to preserving your image, delivering an amazing passenger experience, and keeping your staff safe. After all, in a high-traffic space like an airport terminal, bacteria and germs can quickly become a serious issue.

At Pritchard Industries, we’re proud to say our teams are made up of highly experienced, reliable, and professional employees, capable of delivering consistently impressive services, year after year.

Discover what Pritchard can do for you, with our phenomenal approach to customized, customer-first airport cleaning services. Contact Us Today

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