Commercial Power Washing

Pritchard’s commercial power washing ensures your building’s exterior matches its pristine interior, using eco-friendly solutions for a sparkling site. Make lasting first impressions with our expert cleaning services.


Regular power washing and keeping your commercial space clean ensures that visitors are consistently reminded that you care about the details and they can relax in relying on your business. When a facility is covered in dirt or grime outside, they can only imagine how it may be inside. 

Pritchard provides these services to ensure you can always outshine the competition:

Exterior Wall Washing

  • Exterior walls face the weather, foot traffic, and air-based pollutants that exist outside your company’s walls. Letting filth build up on your walls can result in costly cleaning operations or even more costly losses of business. 
  • If they aren’t cleaned regularly, careless visitors can blemish your location’s reputation by sticking chewing gum to surfaces, spitting tobacco on the sidewalks, or otherwise trashing your place of work. 

Roof Cleaning

  • Your roof protects every investment you make in the interior of a building. As such, it should be cleaned and maintained in accordance with your spending inside the facility. Regular power washing can prevent corrosive substance build-up, which is able to drastically extend the life of roofs. 
  • Power washing can also help locate and notify you of leaks or damage to the roof, particularly in the case of shingled roofs, where the shingles may come loose during cleaning.

Gutters & Downspouts

  • Gutters and downspouts are vital to controlling the direction of rainfall-runoff. When gutters are clogged, they aren’t just heavier, they can impose restrictions on water flow through the downspout, which may result in a client falling prey to rogue splashovers. 
  • Downspouts can have a similar effect when clogged—preventing proper drainage and exposing your building to potential foundation damage if the aren’t cleaned with haste. 

Awning cleaning

  • Many businesses use awnings to display their logo, provide customers with shelter from the weather, and otherwise provide meaningful space. Pritchard offers awning cleaning and maintenance services because a source of value should never become a source of frustration. 
  • When awnings become dirty, they can sag, which can result in further material accumulation. In severe cases, an awning may rupture, dropping filth and/or fluid onto unsuspecting visitors—not a pleasant experience.

Graffiti removal

  • In some locations, graffiti is regarded as artwork, while others are devalued by its presence. Pritchard looks to our clients to determine their stance on graffiti and we are able to remove it if clients feel their brand is suffering due to its presence. 

Pritchard offers other services, such as chewing gum removal, on-demand. 

Surface Types That Pritchard Power Washes 

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Slate
  • Shingles
  • Vinyl
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Reliable Commercial Power Washing Services

Power washing is about ensuring the best possible aesthetic and function for your buildings—our attention to these sorts of detail is one of many reasons we’ve retained more than 96% of our clients after more than a century of business. 

We support the following business types building maintenance including power washing, though we may be available for service contracts with others on an individual basis.

  • Commercial Real Estate Companies that manage
    • Class A Office Buildings
    • Corporate Parks
    • Work Centers 
  • Educational Facilities (K-12 & Higher Education), 
  • Medical Office Buildings, 
  • Government Buildings and 
  • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Data Centers

Additional Benefits Working with Pritchard Industries: 

  • We provide Industry-leading training and preparation programs for our technicians
  • Pritchard is proud to be LEED Green compliant and known as a Green Seal company, ensuring consistent environmental awareness and care
  • Pritchard employees and contractors get regular training updates and refreshment sessions 
  • We’ve refined our effective approaches to planning and implementation across more than a century in business
  • Our industry-leading customer retention rate (over 96%) shows our true attention to detail
  • A detail-focused and eDocumented QA process ensures that Pritchard employees hold down the finest of details. 
  • The knowledge that your facilities can outlast those of your competitors—and help you win more business in the process. 

Learn more about our commercial power washing today.

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