Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Maintain your inspiring view with our commercial window cleaning services.


Your windows not only frame the world outside but also shape the atmosphere within your building. With a focus on safety, quality, and environmental responsibility, our experienced teams are equipped with industry-leading techniques and equipment to deliver unparalleled results.

Expert Window Cleaning

Pritchard Industries stands as an undisputed authority in commercial window cleaning services. With unrivaled expertise and a proven track record of excellence, our dedicated teams are fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques. They also possess extensive training and experience in handling all types of commercial window cleaning challenges.

Pritchard’s commitment to industry standards, environmental responsibility, and clear communication guarantees peace of mind and satisfaction. Experience the difference of working with true experts in commercial window cleaning and witness the transformation of your space with Pritchard Industries by your side.

Types of Commercial Window Cleaning Services

We specialize in cleaning, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and rigorous training to ensure safety and quality at any altitude. With Pritchard Industries, you can trust that every window cleaning need is met with precision and professionalism.

Our services are split into four branches:

Initial Window Cleaning

There’s no more important time to get a proper window cleaning than the start date of your lease or closing finalization for purchases. Your windows will color the way you see the rest of the world around the building.

Regular Window Cleaning

Keeping up the quality of your view is important, especially if investors, business partners, or other cohorts are around. We provide personnel to clean your windows on a scheduled basis, as often as you’d like. 

New Construction Window Cleaning

New construction window cleaning is a special process that includes removing any excess construction materials and chemicals from all window surfaces. We do this meticulously because every bit left in place can dramatically impact the indoor air quality of your offices.

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What industries does Pritchard Industries serve with its commercial window
Pritchard Industries serves a wide range of industries with its carpet cleaning and janitorial services, including office spaces, airports, healthcare, education (elementary/high school and universities), government, data centers, labs (pharma and biotech) and industrial sectors.
What expertise does Pritchard Industries offer in locations that require specialized cleaning?
Our commercial window cleaning services stand out due to our industry-leading practices, including the use of GBAC-trained technicians, industry-standard antimicrobial coatings, and commitment to environmental sustainability with LEED green certification.
What sets your commercial window cleaning services apart from others in the industry?
Clients who choose Pritchard Industries for their janitorial services benefit from our promise to deliver top-quality work with every visit, along with clear communication, employee well-being initiatives, and peace of mind guaranteed by our industry-leading customer retention rate of over 95%.

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