Monitor, Manage,
and Protect.

Go pro-active and protective with cleaning and janitorial services that back you up, so you and your team can thrive. Experience our intensive performance monitoring and cost-effective service management. Even when we’re helping you meet fresh challenges, we’re on time, every time, with rigorous quality control standards and support for a healthy environment. Go safe, go healthy, and benefit from our local management with national resources.

Commercial Cleaning Services & Office Building Facility Maintenance

Janitorial / Cleaning

Start your work session fresh, as Pritchard clears away yesterday’s waste, dust, spills, smudges, all with health-tested products in a timely work flow process.

Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning removes dust, light stains, odors, and most microbes. Even your footing deserves to be good from the ground up.

Window Cleaning

You picked your view for how it inspires you. We make sure you see it fresh and bright.

Floor Care

Clean, sanitary, shining, your floors tell your employees and clients they’ve arrived where surroundings matter. Tap into our years of experience in floor preservation, protecting your investment.

Emergency Response

Weather to wickedness, if you meet a crisis, we’ll partner with you to solve it—quick, competent, and resilient service for coping with life’s twists.

Power Washing

Call on us for the power to clean outdoor surfaces and keep them sparkling. Ask about options, so your building’s first impression is always excellence.

Recycling Services

Pritchard supports your commitment to a greener, healthier world. We can make recycling simple, easy, and clean to operate.

Disinfecting Services

Our century of experience is topped by the latest testing and skill building, so you can choose reliable disinfecting services that support your safety and confidence.

Restroom Cleaning

Now more than ever, clean-and-safe matters for your employees and your clients. Our top tech advanced and trustworthy solutions manage your restroom care.

Snow Removal

For the predictable and the unpredictable, trust our snow and ice management team to keep you moving with a clear path.


A well-manicured and well-tended site is an important element in maintaining a positive corporate image.

Additional Facility Service Offerings

Our Sports & Entertainment Group’s goal and passion is in delivering an exceptional guest experience. They provide a full range of cost-effective venue services to maintain your venue in event ready status every day. Rain delays, change-overs, back-to-back events, multiple show days are no problem, they will have your facility ready for gates to open on time! For more information please click their logo or visit

With operations in Metro NY and DC, Signature provides a full range of services to expertly restore, revitalize and maintain all types of architectural surfaces including Metal, Stone, Wood, Facade, Door, Glass, Masonry and Concrete. For more information please click their logo or visit

Core Facility Services provides full range of facilities management solutions. These services include, innovative Operations & Maintenance, specializing in extending the useful life of assets and enhancing the value of your property. Additionally, they are experts in energy conservation to improve the efficiency of existing HVAC systems, extending life-cycles and decreasing operation costs. For more information please click their logo or visit

Providing expert snow & ice management, landscape and janitorial services for 28 years. The largest self-performing snow service provider in the country with a fleet of over 500 company owned vehicles. Global specializes in servicing large corporate facilities and geographically diverse portfolios. For more information please click their logo or visit

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