Commercial Construction Cleaning

Commercial construction cleaning service from Pritchard Industries uncovers the true value of your new space. Our comprehensive approach eliminates dust, debris, and mess.


A construction project isn’t complete until your space is fully prepared for inspection, inhabitation, and visitation. At Pritchard Industries, we calm the chaos of construction sites, transforming them into polished environments that welcome employees and clients alike.

From window cleaning and deep cleaning services to pressure washing and construction dust removal, we offer all the support you need to get your new space into peak condition.

What Sets Pritchard Industries Apart?

Pritchard Industries has an industry-leading reputation as a provider of comprehensive facility services, commercial cleaning, and building maintenance solutions. With years of experience in our industry, we’ve helped countless organizations streamline post-construction cleanup.

We deliver prompt, reliable services that help minimize downtime and disruption. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, state-of-the-art quality assurance methods, and access to cutting-edge technologies make us the premier partner for construction cleanup.

We can even offer sustainable and green cleaning services to meet your sustainability goals.

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Our Commercial Construction Cleaning Services

At Pritchard Industries, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of solutions for every commercial property. Our services for newly constructed and renovated commercial properties cover everything from removing construction debris to pre-inspection cleaning.

Before an inspection, we start with a rough cleaning process, which is crucial for preparing the site for further work. This stage begins with removing large debris and trash, establishing a safe and clean environment.

Our post-construction final cleaning services help your facility adhere to the standards set by industry regulators and the expectations for employees and visitors. We offer:

  • Detailed cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning solutions to prepare your property for occupancy and inhabitants.
  • Top-to-bottom dusting: We remove construction dust holistically, improving air quality and comfort.
  • Carpet and floor cleaning: With years of expertise in floor care, we can transform the appearance of tiles, linoleum, carpets, and more.
  • Surface and wall cleaning: Our team strategically removes stains, marks, and residue from the construction process.
  • Full building sanitization: Our sanitization and disinfection services enhance the health and safety of your building for all visitors.
  • Architectural element cleaning: With architectural element cleaning, we enhance your property’s aesthetic, paying close attention to unique building components.
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning: We’ll make your space shine with our thorough window cleaning services, removing stains, streaks, and dust.
  • Pressure washing: Our pressure washing service eliminates stubborn stains and dirt in an instant.

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The right final construction cleaning service is crucial in preparing your space for use. At Pritchard Industries, our expertise in everything from office cleaning to carpet cleaning and janitorial service delivery makes us the ideal resource for a thorough post-construction cleanup.

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How soon can I schedule a commercial construction cleaning service?
You can schedule a commercial construction cleaning service straight away. Even if your project is ongoing but you know your expected completion date, you can contact us to plan your post-construction cleanup project.
What safety measures does Pritchard Industries take during the cleaning process?
Pritchard Industries prioritizes safety throughout the cleaning process. Our team adheres to strict safety protocols, including using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and adherence to OSHA regulations. We also offer green cleaning services to minimize exposure to chemicals.
What types of commercial properties does Pritchard Industries specialize in cleaning?
At Pritchard Industries, we’ve offered final construction cleaning services to various companies. We work with hospitals, pharmaceutical labs, commercial offices, warehouses, airports, and educational institutions. All our detailed cleaning packages are customized to the needs of our clients.
Does Pritchard Industries offer customizable cleaning packages for commercial clients?
Yes! We specialize in offering custom post-construction cleanup services to companies from every industry. We understand each property has its own requirements, so we’ll always work with you to provide the exact service package that suits your needs.
What is the scope of work for post-construction cleaning?
Our approach to commercial construction cleaning often begins with a rough post-construction cleanup process, where we remove large pieces of debris and trash. Following this, we move on to detailed cleaning services combining everything from power washing to dust removal, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more.

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