Commercial HVAC Services

Improve indoor air quality, increase productivity, and elevate your company’s reputation with top-tier commercial HVAC services from Pritchard Industries. We deliver comprehensive services focused on optimizing comfort, efficiency, and safety.


Your commercial HVAC system influences the comfort and safety of both employees and visitors. HVAC services from Pritchard Industries will ensure your air conditioning and commercial heating systems work effectively and efficiently for years.

With our commercial HVAC repair, service, and maintenance solutions, you can reduce operational costs, improve your environmental footprint, and protect the safety of your visitors.

Heating and Cooling Services

As a leading facility management service provider, Pritchard Industries delivers customized services to support your heating and cooling needs. Our commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services cover all the components of a complete HVAC system, such as:

  • Air conditioners: Preserve a cool, comfortable environment and enhance air quality with our leading AC service.
  • Heat pumps: Optimize energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions with routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Furnaces: Ensure your heating solutions remain reliable even in extreme weather conditions with our furnace repair services.
  • Boilers: Maintain a consistent supply of heat and hot water, critical in larger buildings and industrial settings.
  • Ductless mini-split systems: Unlock the benefits of targeted heating and cooling with greater energy efficiency.

More than just a provider of consistent commercial HVAC maintenance, Pritchard Industries offers a comprehensive range of service packages, including boiler or air conditioner installation and the configuration of rooftop systems. Contact us about our commercial HVAC installation service.

The Benefits of Working with Pritchard Industries

Ensuring your heating and AC service functions reliably is crucial to comfort and air quality in your commercial environment. At Pritchard Industries, we combine our expertise in commercial cleaning and facility maintenance to support countless companies.

As a large company with over 17,000 trained employees, we’re recognized as a leader in heating repair, commercial HVAC equipment management, and filter replacement. Our commitment to next-level quality assurance makes us the ideal partner for endless leading companies.

With Pritchard Industries, you get:

  • Preventative maintenance: Ensure your systems remain efficient as your infrastructure ages with preventative maintenance services.
  • Energy savings: Reduce operational costs and improve your sustainability credentials with services that enhance the performance of your AC or heating service.
  • Expertise: Our highly skilled techniques are trained to deliver sensational results for even the most complex commercial environments, from labs to educational institutions.
  • Customization: Our commercial HVAC maintenance services adapt to your facility’s needs, challenges, and goals.
  • Responsive service: We’re ready to address your HVAC needs promptly, dealing with emergency and urgent requests at a time that suits you.

About Pritchard Industries

Pritchard Industries is a leading provider of commercial cleaning and facility management services. Our exceptional 96% client retention rate speaks to the quality of our work and our ability to adapt to the unique needs of each organization we serve.

Our customizable services can be tuned to the specific requirements of medical and research labs, pharmaceutical environments, biotechnology companies, warehouses, medical offices, data centers, and more. We can even adapt to the needs of high-traffic environments like airports.

Beyond our comprehensive commercial HVAC service, we also offer a broad spectrum of solutions for general maintenance, commercial cleaning, and minor repairs, ensuring every organization can improve the appearance, durability, and safety of its environment.

Contact Pritchard Industries today to book your custom HVAC repair service.


Do you offer maintenance contracts for commercial HVAC systems?
Yes, we can offer contract-based service for general commercial HVAC maintenance and preventative HVAC maintenance, ensuring your heating and AC solutions continue to operate at peak performance.
Can you handle emergency repairs for commercial HVAC systems?
Our highly responsive teams can rapidly respond to emergency requests, regardless of the nature of your HVAC service or system. We strive to ensure all our clients have a consistent level of reliable support.
Are your technicians certified to work on commercial-grade HVAC equipment?
Our expert teams are trained extensively according to the latest industry standards to ensure they can safely and effectively maintain, repair, and even install commercial-grade HVAC equipment.
Do you provide installation services for new commercial HVAC systems?
Yes, we can offer commercial HVAC installation services. We will work with you to choose the best system for your building’s needs and configure the technology to ensure optimal results. Contact us to find out more about our installation services.
Can you help improve the energy efficiency of our commercial HVAC system?
Absolutely, our routine maintenance and preventative maintenance services can help eliminate the risk of inefficiencies in outdated or legacy HVAC equipment. We can address common problems with your heating or AC systems to help keep your carbon footprint and energy costs low.
Do you offer ductwork cleaning and maintenance services for commercial properties?
Yes, we can provide comprehensive ductwork cleaning services, as well as HVAC filter replacement services, to assist in enhancing your building’s indoor air quality.
Can you assist with zoning and control systems for larger commercial buildings?
Pritchard Industries can assist with a wide range of commercial HVAC service solutions, including the installation and maintenance of zoning and control systems for larger commercial buildings. Our expert team is adept at handling any environment, big or small.

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