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Unlock unparalleled cleanliness and GMP compliance with our specialized pharmaceutical cleaning services.


Adhering to your industry’s strict standards and GMP requirements can be extremely difficult. Employees are often working in a fast-paced environment where germs and clutter can rapidly proliferate. What’s more, even the tiniest contaminant can jeopardize the quality of products and the safety of your team. That’s where Pritchard Industries steps in to help.

Our specialized pharmaceutical cleaning teams have years of experience preserving pharmaceutical equipment and disinfecting essential workplace environments. We understand the unparalleled level of precision and care required in this industry, and work with you to ensure adherence to good manufacturing practice standards, while eliminating time-consuming manual cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Fundamentals for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Though cleanliness is important in virtually any industry, companies in the pharmaceutical landscape are held to particularly stringent standards.

Everything, from the cleaning agents you choose to the pharmaceutical cleaning validation strategy you follow, needs to be carefully assessed to ensure the right results. Whether you’re implementing measures to avoid microbial contamination or you’re committed to keeping your cleanroom environments in exceptional condition, the right pharmaceutical cleaning company can help.

At Pritchard Industries, we can aid with all of the key components of pharmaceutical cleaning, including:

  • Selecting cleaning agents: The choice of cleaning agents and detergents used in pharmaceutical cleaning is crucial to ensure microorganisms, residues, and contaminants are removed from surfaces and equipment, preserving product safety and compliance.
  • Implementing the correct cleaning process: Pharmaceutical cleaning methods encompass various approaches, from “Clean-In-Place” (CIP) methods for on-site equipment cleaning to “Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) measures and manual cleaning strategies. We can help you select and implement proper standard operating procedures for safety and hygiene.
  • Validation and verification: Validation and verification processes are crucial to ensuring the efficacy of your cleaning procedure. We can help you follow strict cleaning validation standards to establish your cleaning methods are effective in removing contaminants from your facility, safeguarding products and patient safety.
  • Regulatory compliance: A careful approach to regulatory compliance is non-negotiable for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The FDA sets forth strict guidelines for all companies in this sector, and you must follow Good Manufacturing Practices carefully. Our experience with GMP guidelines helps to minimize legal, safety, and financial risks.
  • Documentation: To adhere to regulatory guidelines, pharmaceutical companies must document their standard operating procedures, track processing equipment and sanitizing agents, and maintain comprehensive quality assurance measures. We can work with you to ensure continued traceability and accountability.
  • Environmental considerations: Green cleaning strategies are becoming increasingly important in all industries. At Pritchard Industries, we can work with you to ensure you’re leveraging innovative, environmentally friendly cleaning practices, such as ultrasonic cleaning systems. We also help with the proper and safe disposal of cleaning agents and waste.

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Challenges in Pharmaceutical Cleaning

The unique nuances of the Pharmaceutical landscape lead to unique challenges for innovative businesses to overcome. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies don’t just need to adhere to strict compliance guidelines and requirements; they also need to mitigate a range of problems on a daily basis, from potential contamination issues to risks caused by exposure to dangerous substances.

For many in the pharmaceutical landscape, cross-contamination is a primary concern. Even the slightest amount of residue left over on a surface can impact product safety and efficacy, making attention to detail and the use of the right sanitizing agent essential.

Companies need to be able to effectively detect and remove residue left behind on products and equipment, often using specialized equipment that requires extensive expertise. What’s more, the use of the wrong cleaning solution can risk the longevity of essential equipment.

Sensitive and sophisticated equipment in the pharmaceutical industry can easily be damaged by a harsh detergent solution or chemical. This means cleaning professionals need to be educated on equipment cleaning procedures to know which materials and processes are safe to use when working with complex machinery.

On top of all this, strict regulatory guidelines, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and FDA guidelines, can be difficult to manage. Compliance with these guidelines requires more than the use of the correct cleaning station and services. Companies also need to design and follow standard operating procedures, maintain meticulous documentation, and audit their processes regularly.

Pritchard Industries Pharmaceutical Cleaning: The Solution

Even for professionals with a deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical landscape, maintaining exceptional levels of cleanliness while reducing risk can be challenging. Fortunately, Pritchard Industries has developed a reputation as the go-to partner for assistance with sensitive, intricate, and complex cleaning processes.

Our pharmaceutical cleaning services are designed to address all of the unique challenges pharmaceutical manufacturing brands face. We offer:

  • Comprehensive cleanroom cleaning: Cleanrooms must adhere to ISO classification standards to reduce the risk of airborne particulate contamination. Our highly trained professionals follow careful processes for maintaining cleanroom equipment. We can even assist with gowning and de-gowning procedures to maintain cleanroom integrity and protect your employees and products.
  • Equipment and machinery cleaning: We follow industry-approved Standard Operating Procedures, outlining precise and accurate steps for cleaning pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. These SOPs, combined with our stringent quality control standards and use of innovative technology, help to preserve optimal equipment performance.
  • Laboratory cleaning: Pritchard Industries employs specific procedures for cleaning laboratory benches, hoods, and workspaces, offering exceptional attention to detail. We also assist with the collection and removal of hazardous waste within laboratory settings, ensuring you comply with regulatory and safety guidelines.

Discover the benefits of working with an experienced pharmaceutical cleaning team today. Contact Pritchard Industries to discuss your unique cleaning needs.


What is the importance of specialized cleaning in the pharmaceutical industry?
Pharmaceutical companies are held to strict standards for cleanliness, designed to ensure the efficacy and safety of products. Failure to adhere to these standards risks the safety of employees and customers and puts companies at risk of legal repercussions and fines. The cleaning method used by your pharmaceutical manufacturing company has a direct impact on the integrity, efficacy, and safety of the products you produce. Effective pharmaceutical cleaning helps to preserve the health, well-being, and productivity of your personnel.
What certifications should a pharmaceutical industry commercial cleaner service possess?
While requirements can vary from one company to the next, it’s essential to look for ISO certifications, compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and extensive experience in pharmaceutical facility cleaning.
Can you tailor your cleaning services to meet our specific needs and schedules?
Yes, we believe in delivering tailor-made and bespoke cleaning services to every company in the pharmaceutical industry. We will work with you to ensure minimal disruption to your teams and essential operations.
What cleaning methods do you use for controlled environments, such as cleanrooms?
We offer a range of specialized cleaning methods, such as disinfection with innovative technologies and cleaning with validated detergents and cleaning solutions. We also use HEPA vacuuming technology to reduce air contaminants.
How do you ensure the confidentiality of our research and product development during cleaning?
We know the importance of preserving your intellectual property. That’s why our teams are open to signing confidentiality agreements. We also follow strict measures to protect sensitive information and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
How is Pritchard from different commercial cleaning companies?
The complexity of pharmaceutical cleaning means companies can’t afford to cut corners. With years of experience in this industry. Our highly trained teams are experts in addressing the unique challenges that pharmaceutical manufacturing companies face. We understand the regulatory guidelines and compliance standards you need to adhere to and ensure you can preserve the safety of your team and customers and the efficacy of your products. Pritchard’s standardized approach to effective cleaning includes extensive documentation for traceability, and our skilled personnel are experts in using the latest cutting-edge technology. What’s more, with our use of environmentally friendly practices, we can help elevate your brand reputation, protecting both your business and the environment.

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