Commercial Snow Removal

Pritchard’s commercial snow removal is the perfect add-on to keep your grounds snow and ice free.


Pritchard provides the highest level of service to all of our clients in the Northeast. You should expect each of these things from every engagement:

  • Well-trained, professional, snow-removal experts
  • Precisely-tailored Snow & Ice Management Plan
  • 24/7 Weather Monitoring and Response
  • Proper Equipment and PPE Deployment

We also offer these services:

  • Snow plowing
    • Bulk snow management via plow-equipped vehicles and machines
  • Sand and Gravel Deployment
    • Used to ensure traction during slick-but-not fully-frozen snow & ice management phases
  • Salt spreading
    • Ensures roadways and walkways remain clear of snow and ice after they’ve been cleared
  • Shoveling and snow blowing
    • Manually-operated snow blowers and shovel teams are available in case of space, resource, or noise restrictions
  • De-icing and ice management
    • Ice removal experts select the best and greenest method to remove ice in high-traffic or large-surface areas as well as employing ice-preventive solutions for quick-freeze areas, such as bridges.
  • Excess Snow removed via carting
    • Once we’ve removed the snow  from most surfaces, it will be compressed until it melts, which can result in unsightly concrete-colored snow mounds. 
    • We move the packed snow to an off-site location until it melts to ensure you don’t lose valuable space to densely-packed snow banks.
  • Parking lot snow removal
    • Parking lots are among the most vital spaces in which snow removal is used. Ineffective snow & ice management in parking lots can result in injury due to falls and low-speed accidents. 
    • Pritchard utilizes a combined approach to ensure you’ll never need to think about the state of your parking lots in the winter again
  • Internal roadway snow removal
    • Larger clients tend to develop internal campuses or complex installation. When these facilities require gated access or fall outside of state DOT management zones, Pritchard ensures they stay clear.
  • Loading dock snow removal
    • Loading docks, like parking lots can be hazardous during the winter months. Low-speed backing accidents can be costly and accidents can reduce productivity and negatively impact employee quality of life. 
    • Pritchard deploys specially-trained snow & ice management teams to ensure loading docks are cleared and prepared as well as implementing preventive solutions, such as sand and gravel deployment alongside salt spreading. 
  • Sidewalk and pathway snow removal
    • Sidewalks and pathways require more finely-tuned approaches to snow & ice management. Shoveling and snow blowing combined with salting and traction-aid deployment offer our customers an industry-leading mark of safety

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Snow & Ice Removal Services aren’t necessary for just December and January, so we offer comprehensive Snow & Ice Removal on a per-winter-event basis as well as seasonally—based on the real weather in your locale. 

We support the following business types throughout the Northeastern US, though we may be available for service contracts with others on an individual basis.

  • Commercial Real Estate Companies that manage
    • Class A Office Buildings
    • Corporate Parks
    • Work Centers 
  • Educational Facilities (K-12 & Higher Education), 
  • Medical Office Buildings, 
  • Government Buildings and 
  • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Data Centers

Additional Benefits Working with Pritchard Industries:

  • Industry-leading training and preparation programs
  • LEED Green and Green Seal ensure environmental awareness and care
  • Technicians regularly receive training updates and refreshers
  • More than 100 years of operation ensure a tempered and effective approach to planning and resolution
  • Industry-leading customer retention rate of more than 96% shows how much we really care
  • Standardized and documented QA process ensures that Pritchard employees miss no minutiae
  • Home offices in cities such as NYC ensure that Pritchard trainers have real-time expertise in managing inclement weather conditions

Add our commercial snow removal service today.

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