Commercial Disinfection Services

Pritchard Industries offers top-tier commercial disinfection services with nearly four decades of expertise, backed by state-of-the-art quality assurance for reliable business support.


Why Invest in Commercial Disinfecting Services

​For any organization whether education, office, medical, or transportation , maintaining a clean and hygienic facility  is crucial. A commercial cleaning service is essential to preserve a safe, healthy environment for people  and customers alike. While a routine janitorial service can address visible issues like dust, dirt, and trash, a deeper level of sanitation is often necessary to tackle underlying germs and bacteria.

Using specialist equipment and years of industry knowledge, our expert teams tackle the hidden hygiene threats other cleaning strategies may miss, delivering:

  • Improved health and safety: Effective commercial disinfecting service reduces the risk of infection and illness by eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Reduced risk: By eradicating all hidden virus, germs and dangerous microbes, we can help you reduce the risk of illness outbreaks and contamination within your commercial space.
  • Increased productivity: Safe, healthy employees are also happier and more productive. When you invest in your team’s well-being, everyone wins.
  • Enhanced reputation: We’ll help you demonstrate your commitment to keeping customers and employees safe with state-of-the-art commercial disinfection services (and industrial cleaning) tailored to you.

Key Areas for Commercial Disinfection Services

Many areas within a commercial environment can benefit from professional commercial cleaning services. In any professional environment, restrooms and communal areas are often brimming with dangerous germs which need to be addressed quickly and consistently to keep teams safe. Effective kitchen, break room, and restroom cleaning with disinfecting tools reduce the risk of germs culminating and spreading.. 

Here at Pritchard Industries, we can also offer more specialist services, custom-made for high-traffic areas where advanced disinfection is crucial to maintaining good health. We support:

Reach out to learn how we can create the ultimate disinfection strategy for your commercial environment, specially designed to suit your needs.

The Commercial Disinfection Process

We’ve developed our bespoke disinfection process to address the needs of commercial spaces of all shapes and sizes. Our innovative team follows stringent guidelines to ensure we adhere to the highest standards set by health and safety regulators across the country. Our process involves:

  • Preparing the area: Our cleaning professionals start by removing clutter and debris from surfaces to be cleaned to ensure they don’t interfere with the disinfection process. 
  • Applying disinfectant: We use the highest-quality cleaning tools to ensure we can eliminate as many dangerous germs as possible. Our powerful products include Spartan solutions and green cleaning tools, designed to address any needs. What’s more, all of our team members are trained on proper technique and dwell time, to maximize your results. 
  • Post-cleaning inspections: At Pritchard Industries, we pride ourselves on excellence. Our GBAC-accredited team follows a consistent quality control process to ensure we always adhere to the highest standards for our clients.

Partner with the Experts in Commercial Disinfecting Services

Your business can’t afford to overlook the health and safety of your customers and employees. 

With Pritchard Industries, you’ll receive a phenomenal, tailor-made service designed to address your specific needs. We always go above and beyond to deliver the results our customers need, with phenomenal expertise, high-quality equipment, and attention to detail.

Your commercial property deserves a janitorial services company you can rely on to always provide the very best in care. Learn more about our commercial disinfectant service by contacting our team today.

What is commercial disinfection?
Commercial disinfection is the process of eliminating or reducing microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses). While surfaces benefit from regular maintenance and deep cleaning, some areas do require regular disinfecting.
How should a space be disinfected?
Each space will need to be evaluated on an individual basis. It is important to take into consideration various factors including: foot traffic, type of business, frequency of visitors, and current maintenance plan. Pritchard’s expert team can properly assess your facility to provide a tailored disinfection schedule to meet your unique requirements.
Do you work with a company's schedule to avoid service disruption?
Pritchard’s team is flexible and would be happy to accommodate your company’s desired schedule. We always do our best to minimize any disruption but still keep the same quality of cleaning.
Are there ongoing maintenance disinfection plans available?
All of our commercial cleaning clients are able to add on a regular disinfection level of care or use as-needed. A service area such as a medical office or hospital adheres to health regulations that require this kind of ongoing maintenance. This will ensure consistent protection. Allow us to tailor a plant to your specific needs to provide a clean and safe environment.