Exterior Building Maintenance Services

Exterior building maintenance services are crucial to preserving the structural integrity, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your property. Pritchard Industries offers everything from landscape management to snow removal to keep your property in perfect condition.


Combining years of expertise and experience in commercial building maintenance with industry-leading customer service, Pritchard Industries is the ideal partner for your exterior property maintenance needs.

We tailor our services to you, delivering a solution that simplifies routine maintenance, reduces operational costs, and transforms facility management.

Our Exterior Building Maintenance Services

At Pritchard Industries, we offer a wide range of exterior maintenance services. Our expert teams can work with you on customized programs for:

Landscape Maintenance

  • Mulching services: Customized mulching services with various high-quality materials and blending options.
  • Storm preparedness: Everything from gutter cleaning to drainage and rooting maintenance to prepare your property for extreme weather.
  • Turf and plant care: Plant care and turfing services, as well as fertilization and weeding solutions to improve outdoor spaces.
  • Landscape renovation: Turf installation, grass replacement, landscape design, plant transplanting, and tree cultivation.
  • Water management: Comprehensive irrigation and water sustainability enhancements tailored to your needs.
  • Tree care: Everything from tree removal and preservation to emergency storm removal, pruning, and maintenance.

No matter the exterior building maintenance services you choose, our landscaping teams will deliver excellent results. Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping solutions.

Snow and Ice Removal

We specialize in efficient, cost-effective, and reliable snow and ice removal services for customers throughout the Northeast. We offer:

  • Snow plowing: With state-of-the-art vehicles and machines.
  • Sand and gravel deployment: To preserve vehicle traction during inclement weather.
  • Salt spreading: To keep roadways and walkways safe and clear of ice.
  • Shoveling and snow blowing: Adheres to space, resource, and noise restrictions.
  • De-icing and ice management: Expert ice removal for high-traffic and large areas.
  • Excess snow removal via carting: Rapid and efficient snow removal to off-site areas.
  • Parking lot snow removal: Comprehensive snow removal for crucial parking lot spaces.
  • Internal roadway snow removal: We’ll keep your critical roadways clear and accessible.
  • Loading dock snow removal: Keep your docks running smoothly, even in winter.
  • Sidewalk and pathway snow removal: Ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Our Other Services

As experts in commercial facility maintenance, we offer a range of solutions tailored to any space or facility, including:

  • Parking lot maintenance: Pothole repair, crack sealing, and line striping to keep your parking spaces safe and running smoothly.
  • Power washing services: Our pressure washing services rapidly remove grime, mold, dirt, mildew, and debris from various exterior surfaces.
  • Window cleaning: Professional window cleaning services, combined with window frame restoration surfaces, keep your windows in phenomenal condition.
  • Exterior painting: We can revitalize your building’s appearance with a comprehensive painting service that includes surface preparation and custom color selection.
  • Exterior repairs: We can assist with exterior maintenance, from replacing siding to eliminating wood rot and patching damaged stucco.

Our teams can offer emergency maintenance, regular maintenance, and even preventative maintenance services to keep your building in prime condition for longer.

The Challenges of Maintaining a Facility Exterior

For any property owner, exterior building maintenance is necessary to preserve the structural integrity and appearance of your property. However, managing exterior maintenance on your own can be complex and expensive.

Without the proper support, you can struggle with high operational costs, complex maintenance processes that lead to unexpected downtime, and even unnecessary work request orders.

With Pritchard Industries exterior building maintenance services, you can delegate the preservation of your building to a leading service provider with years of commercial experience. With our help, you can keep your building clean, protect your reputation, and even reduce operational costs.

How Can Pritchard Industries Help?

Pritchard Industries is a nationally renowned provider of commercial cleaning services, facility management solutions, and maintenance services for commercial properties.

Our teams are fully trained to comply with the latest standards in various industries, from the lab and pharmaceutical sector to the educational environment. Moreover, we use the latest technologies, tools, and resources to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.

With our state-of-the-art approach to quality control and our focus on amazing customer service, we’ve achieved a sector-leading 96% client retention rate.

Contact us to book your exterior building maintenance services today.

The Industries We Cater To

Pritchard Industries tailors our exterior building maintenance services to the unique requirements of companies in various industries. We’re experts in everything from airport cleaning to commercial office maintenance, warehouse management, medical office maintenance, and more.

We serve hospitals, schools, data centers, and commercial businesses across the Northeast, delivering exceptional results to any company with an exterior landscape to maintain.

If you want to streamline exterior building maintenance, reduce operational costs, and improve your building’s appeal, contact Pritchard Industries today.

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What are building maintenance services?
Exterior building maintenance services are services that improve the appearance, durability, and structural integrity of your building exterior. They include everything from gutter cleaning and pressure washing services to glass restoration services, landscaping, and snow removal.
What sets Pritchard Industries apart from other exterior maintenance companies?
Pritchard Industries customizes our exterior building maintenance services to each client’s needs. Our experience and expertise in facility management mean we can respond to any work request and deliver exceptional results, whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or emergency repairs.
How often should I schedule exterior maintenance services for my property?
How often you should schedule exterior maintenance services for your property will vary depending on the design of your exterior landscape, the age of your building, and the foot traffic your property is exposed to. Contact Pritchard Industries for a custom regular maintenance plan.
Can Pritchard Industries customize a maintenance plan for my specific property needs?
Absolutely. We’re committed to offering an entirely customized level of service to every company we work with. Whether you’re looking for green cleaning services or specialized solutions, like emergency repairs, we can adapt to suit your specific needs.
How quickly can Pritchard respond to emergency maintenance requests?
Our emergency maintenance teams aim to respond to work requests as quickly as possible. We offer out-of-hours and weekend support to give you the support you need fast, avoid unnecessary downtime, and prevent minor issues from turning into major disasters.

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