Commercial Cleaning Services Fort Worth Area

Pritchard’s commercial cleaning services for the Fort Worth and the Dallas area will revitalize your commercial space.


Dallas, Fort Worth is home to a thriving commercial landscape, from cutting-edge office locations managed by growing companies, to phenomenal international airports. With a population of more than 6.5 million people, this bustling metroplex is brimming with opportunities for businesses to thrive.

Whether you manage one of the busy warehouses contributing to Dallas’s incredible logistics industry, or you serve customers throughout the region with innovative goods or services, accessing the right commercial cleaning service is crucial to keeping your workspace clean, professional, and hygienic. Here at Pritchard Industries, our team of expert, certified cleaners work with local and regional businesses throughout the Dallas area, to help them flourish in their space.

Our professional cleaning services support many of Dallas’s biggest industries and sectors, from the aviation landscape, to schools, data centers, universities, and medical offices. With customized, tailored solutions for every business, we ensure you can not only delight the customers in the Dallas area, but make a lasting name for yourself in the Fort Worth region.

Who We Serve in Dallas, Fort Worth

With years of experience serving the diverse business landscape of the Dallas, Fort Worth Area, Pritchard Industries offers solutions to support every kind of major business. Our solutions cover everything from specialized industrial cleaning for warehouses, to simple everyday tasks like sweeping, cleaning floors, and managing trash disposal. 

Our services cover areas such as:

  • Aviation: Our dedicated aviation services are custom-made for the busy private and public airports throughout Dallas. We can work with some of the busiest airports in the world, like Dallas International, or smaller terminal environments. We cover everything from restroom cleaning to gate area sanitization, adhering to strict safety and security protocols. 
  • Offices: Ranked as one of the top 30 startup ecosystems worldwide, Dallas is home to a host of different types of businesses and office buildings. Our office cleaning services cover everything from workstation cleaning to common area sanitization, and restroom hygiene. We can help any Dallas business create a safe, hygienic, and professional workspace.
  • Warehouses: Dallas is known for its extensive logistics and warehousing operations. With Pritchard Industries, you can access all the support you need to ensure your warehouse environments offer fantastic working conditions and compliance with industry standards. We help you keep these bustling services running smoothly, without compromising on hygiene.
  • Medical offices and healthcare facilities: From specialist clinics and hospitals to medical officers and rehabilitation centers, Pritchard Industries provides state-of-the-art cleaning for every medical environment. We adhere to the strictest standards to ensure a sterile and safe environment for both professionals and patients alike. 
  • Data centers: At Pritchard Industries, we work with innovators in the data and technology world to keep their data centers running effectively. Thorough cleaning is crucial to maintain the longevity and efficiency of equipment, and our team members know how to use the latest techniques to keep even the most sensitive tools running perfectly. 
  • Schools and universities: We assist schools and universities throughout Dallas in preserving safe and healthy learning environments for students and faculty.  Our cleaning professionals will provide everything from floor maintenance and disinfection of high-touch surfaces to restroom sanitation. We can help you protect and support the next generation of academics.

Dallas, Fort Worth Cleaning: Our Services

At Pritchard Industries, we believe in preserving the beauty of the Dallas Fort Worth Area, one office or commercial environment at a time. Our commercial janitorial services are highly customizable, designed to address the distinctive needs of each company in this incredible landscape. 

Regardless of your needs, our experienced professionals can work with you to cultivate the best cleaning strategy for your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Janitorial services: Efficient and effective, our janitorial services keep your business clean and safe for employees and customers. We handle everything from trash disposal, to dusting, and sanitizing high-touch areas. We can even provide antimicrobial coatings for essential services to ensure your space stays hygienic and healthy for longer. 
  • Green cleaning: Protecting the thriving environment of Dallas is important to our team. We can leverage the latest environmentally friendly cleaning tools, adhering to LEED certification requirements, to protect not just your customers and employees, but the planet too. Contact us to ask about our eco-friendly cleaning methods.
  • Restroom: In virtually every commercial environment, restroom cleaning is essential to minimizing the spread of bacteria. Our experts in commercial restroom cleaning can sanitize surfaces, offer high-pressure cleaning solutions, and ensure every restroom in your environment meets with the highest compliance standards.
  • Disinfecting: We use the best solutions in the market to deliver reliable disinfection services that minimize the spread of germs and bacteria. We not only help to keep Dallas commercial spaces looking the best. We can also improve the hygiene and safety of your space.
  • Floor and Carpet cleaning: Whether you’re searching for high-pressure cleaning surfaces for hard flooring, or in-depth carpet washing and vacuuming, we’re here to help. Our floor cleaning surfaces can refresh your commercial space, and eliminate pathogens and dust.
  • Commercial Window Cleaning: Eliminate streaks and smudges on your commercial windows and let the light shine in. With our fantastic cleaning services, your customers and employees will be able to enjoy the amazing views Dallas has to offer.

Why Choose Pritchard?

Pritchard Industries is the ideal commercial cleaning partner for companies throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth Area. We have decades of experience in our industry, and even provide exceptional attention to detail for each local client, with pioneering quality control methods. 

At Pritchard, we have experience working with companies throughout a range of industries in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and are proud to say we boast a 96% client retention rate. No matter how big or small your space is, we can work with you to create the ultimate cleaning strategy. 

As professional cleaners, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, conducting inspections and using state-of-the-art software to track cleanliness and hygiene. We guarantee an excellent result every time, tailored to your unique needs. 

Learn more about what Pritchard can do for your business in the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas. 

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