Advanced Disinfecting Services

In today’s world, advanced disinfecting services to mitigate the spread of viruses, germs and pathogens is paramount for all companies.

The right strategy ensures you can defend your community against everything from dangerous pathogens and harmful bacteria, to viruses responsible for Covid 19 exposure, swine flu, and more. Additionally, investing in the right disinfection services helps to elevate your brand’s reputation, and ensure you can remain compliant with industry standards.

Fortunately, at Pritchard Industries, we have extensive experience in offering advanced sanitation methods to commercial facilities in all industries. Here’s how we can keep your team and customers safe with our unique approach.

Mitigate the Spread of Virus and Germs

While the value of professional disinfecting services has always been clear to many organizations, rising threats in our landscape have prompted every company to take a more vigilant approach. To adhere to EPA and CDC guidelines, and earn the trust of customers and team members, you need a comprehensive strategy for mitigating the spread of viruses and germs.

End-to-end advanced disinfection services are the key to eliminating various threats from commercial facilities, from common viruses like the common cold and flu, to dangerous viral outbreaks. Not only does a strong cleaning and disinfecting program keep your business compliant, but it ensures you can adequately protect your customers, employees, and business from the effects of dangerous germs.

In virtually every commercial environment, there are numerous threats to address. A company like Pritchard, offering specialist commercial cleaning services can help you build the perfect strategy for success. We can cover everything from disinfecting high-touch surfaces, to routine janitorial services and carpet cleaning, ensuring germs have nowhere to hide.

Our cleaning services are compliant with the laws and regulations set by leading industry bodies, from the CDC, to OSHA and ESA. We can even assist with rapid deep cleaning services and disease control when you need to quickly respond to outbreaks in commercial spaces.

Why Choose Pritchard Industries

In a world where viral outbreaks and germs are a consistent concern, choosing the right cleaning services for your specific needs is crucial. As a leader in specialized disinfection and cleaning, Pritchard Industries brings more than 30 years of experience and expertise to every project.

We leverage the latest technology and innovations, from electrostatic disinfection, to coatings with nano-technology, which protect coatings from microbial growth.

In the commercial cleaning landscape, Pritchard Industries stands apart with its commitment to offering:

  • GBAC-trained technicians and staff: Our highly trained staff members follow the guidelines and regulations set by leading groups, from CDC, to WHO, EPA, and the CPC. This ensures we can offer a cutting-edge and compliant cleaning service.
  • Advanced Tools: Pritchard Industries uses advanced equipment and tools to deliver next-level disinfection services. Our commitment to innovation helps us to stay ahead of emerging threats in any commercial landscape.
  • A client-focused approach: Your safety, and the protection of your employees and customers will always come first. We tailor our services to your specific needs, and ensure you can always unlock the results you deserve.
  • Expertise: We have decades of experience serving companies from various industries, ranging from labs and healthcare environments, to corporate offices and retail spaces. This means we can adapt and excel in any environment.

Don’t compromise on the wellbeing of your customers, staff, and brand. Contact Pritchard Industries today for an advanced cleaning and disinfection service that goes beyond the basics. Get the peace of mind and quality service you deserve, with Pritchard Industries.

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