Emergency Cleaning Service Services

When crisis strikes, you deserve emergency commercial cleaning services you can count on.


Safety Inspection and Evaluation

​Our expert evaluators can be on-site quickly to provide deep and accurate insights into the condition of your site and property. Our evaluations are electronically documented and you receive a copy of the report that our technicians generate. 

Site Containment (such as Shrink Wrap)

​Sometimes it’s vital that a site be sealed thoroughly in order to prevent further damage from factors such as the weather. Pritchard promises to utilize the most effective and environmentally-friendly resources available to preserve your site. Some examples include shrink wrap and plastic sheeting.

Board-Up / Fencing

​In the event that a site must be isolated or abandoned for an extended period of time, we provide site board-up and fencing services that ensure you’re the only one who can readily gain access. This is relevant in the event of a fire or other highly-destructive incident.

Water Extraction

​When water strikes to create a crisis, it’s important to note that a single inch of standing water in a single square foot is roughly equal to seven and a half gallons of water. Pritchard utilizes cutting edge submersible and other pumping technology to extract water from sites that have experienced ingress, or invasion by water. 

Structural Drying and Dehumidification

​Structural drying and dehumidification is among the most important parts of preventing lasting water damage on-site. If left standing in wood fibers, water can aid in the growth of mold and other pestilient infestations that can weaken the structure as well as placing staff at-risk due to hazard inhalation. 

​Corrosion Control

​Metals, when exposed to water, are at risk of corrosion. This includes screws, nails, bare-metal fasteners, as well as other formats of metal on-site. Pritchard provides industry-leading corrosion control in the event of ingress, flooding, or other types of water damage.

Always be Prepared with Pritchard Industries

Emergency preparedness can mean the difference between full business continuity—the ability to move forward—and insolvency. In the unfortunate event that loss of life arises as the result of an on-site accident, the situation must be handled with care.

Not only can an incident result in site damage, but the loss of productivity may also amass a greater total loss than the damages could have ever incurred. Employees may also be slow to trust after a high-impact incident. 

Pritchard technicians are available to mitigate your risk, resolve tense situations, and restore employee trust through clear processes and future mitigation or continuity planning. 

Crisis Emergency Response Service

Emergency response is about being there when you’re needed and being close by when you aren’t. Pritchard believes in real business partnership—one of many reasons we’ve retained more than 96% of our clients after more than a century of business. 

We support the following business types in emergency response partnership, though we may be available for service contracts with others on an individual basis.

  • Commercial Real Estate Companies that manage
    • Class A Office Buildings
    • Corporate Parks
    • Work Centers 
  • Educational Facilities (K-12 & Higher Education), 
  • Medical Office Buildings, 
  • Government Buildings and 
  • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Data Centers

Additional Benefits Working with Pritchard Industries:

  • We provide Industry-leading training and preparation programs for our technicians
  • Pritchard is proud to be LEED Green compliant and known as a Green Seal company, ensuring consistent environmental awareness and care
  • Pritchard employees and contractors get regular training updates and refreshment sessions 
  • We’ve refined our effective approaches to planning and implementation across more than a century in business
  • Our industry-leading customer retention rate (over 96%) shows our true attention to detail
  • A thorough, eDocumented QA process ensures that Pritchard employees lock down the finest of details. We do it because you shouldn’t have to. 
  • Staff that care provides a meaningful, connective, and personal experience, because sterile business and canned responses are the last things you want when the world seems to be coming down around you.

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Keep Pritchard in mind as your emergency cleaning service provider.

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