Commercial Cleaning Checklist

For businesses seeking to outsource janitorial cleaning duties and other, similar cleaning and maintenance responsibilities, an initial cleaning checklist for business and facility spacess. Businesses need to know what they are looking for when they seek out commercial cleaning or facility management companies.

Many facilities should consider having a few lists such as: daily office cleaning checklist, monthly office cleaning checklist, and deep cleaning projects. One of the best signs of service quality is customer retention. When cleaning jobs are poorly managed, it’s often rather apparent. Businesses should never settle when it comes to cleaning.   From regular cleaning tasks to deep cleaning, let's create the ideal cleaning checklist for your facility.

Commercial Cleaning Service Defined

Janitorial service is defined by cleaning and upkeep —that often includes basic building maintenance. Janitorial cleaning services tend to provide high-quality cleaning and sanitization alongside maintenance. We recommend that businesses use a janitorial task checklist to avoid fine details that would otherwise fall into the cracks.

Maintenance often includes tasks such as changing light bulbs, repairing furniture if needed, and carrying out basic mechanical repairs on common equipment such as hand dryers, dispensers, and similar items.

Janitorial cleaning should occur regularly—upkeep cleaning often occurs daily to weekly, depending on the task. Cleaning tasks should include ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, and windows. Many businesses prefer a greater depth to cleaning than this, but this is a solid start.

General Office Cleaning Service List

The following commercial cleaning checklist includes maintenance activities that are separated based on location types. Depending on your commercial space's needs, you may need a different checklist such as a daily office cleaning checklist and one for weekly cleaning tasks.

Entrance and Exits

These are often high-traffic areas with multiple touchpoints. Many businesses use a two-door entry system to limit weather-related expenses. This has proven to be a concern for consumers due to the sealing effect of small spaces, such as these temperature barriers. Professional cleaning staff will often take care of the following tasks to ensure a safe and clean operational space:

  • Wipe and remove handprints from the doors
  • Wipe and clean door knobs
  • Clean and air door mats
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Dust and clean any planters
  • Wipe and clean lights and fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners
  • Sweep and mop floor and dry thoroughly

Common Areas

Close-proximity has put a spotlight on the deep cleaning of these common areas as potential hazards especially after COVID-19. Lobbies and other communal spaces, such as conference rooms and public waiting rooms are infamous for acting as breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes. For these areas, the commercial cleaning checklist should include:

  • Wipe and clean door and glass surfaces
  • Dust all visible surfaces
  • Spray cleaner and wipe all picture frames and decor
  • Disinfect door handles and other high-touch areas
  • Dust and clean lights and fixtures
  • Spot clean the walls
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings
  • Check air conditioner
  • Clean and air door mats
  • Dust and clean furniture
  • Remove and stack magazines and newspapers
  • Remove any coffee cups and glasses
  • Sweep, mop and dry the floor
    • Special care for hardwood floors
  • Vacuum and carpet cleaning
  • Remove trash and replace liners in the bin
  • Restock stationery
  • Restock refrigerators

Staircase and Elevators

Elevators offer similar potential risks, though without exercising. An enclosed space which requires passengers to stand in close proximity does not provide an ideal experience for passengers when microbes such as SARS, the Flu, or COVID are on the rise.

Perhaps more enclosed than hallways, stairs provide uniquely dangerous circumstances when considering microbial threats. People are exercising in a sealed area that may be frequented by hundreds or thousands of other people each day. Janitors should manage these tasks to limit the spread of microbes and ensure safety for building inhabitants—whether visiting or regularly present.

  • Wipe the ceiling and lights
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Wipe the buttons
  • Mop the floor


Restrooms offer a proverbial petri dish for microbes in the same space as one of the best methods of fighting microbe-based threats. Sinks must remain clean alongside regular disinfection of soap and other dispenser types. Floors must be mopped, dried, and swept regularly to prevent falling and health hazards. The following tasks are staples of professional janitorial services providers:

  • Clean and disinfect the toilet
  • Clean and disinfect the sinks
  • Sweep the floor of debris
  • Mop the floor with disinfectant
  • Clean of hard surfaces
  • Replenish paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner

Office Space

Workers can sometimes leave minor messes around their desks. Even something simple like a couple of coffee creamer containers and a napkin can add up quickly day-over-day. Further, a minor coffee spill can quickly escalate into a larger issue. For this reason, janitors often take care of these simple, yet effective office cleaning and maintenance tasks:

  • Dust all tables and desks
  • Clean any spills and stains
  • Clean the chair heads
  • Rearrange stationery
  • Dust and clean all electrical gadgets
  • Sanitize the telephones
  • Clean the window panes
  • Clean all lights and fixtures
  • Vacuum clean the carpets and rugs

While there may be additional tasks for your office cleaning checklist, this is a good starting point. When creating a cleaning checklist or deep cleaning strategy for a facility, our team takes into consideration your unique needs.

Canteen and Kitchen Area

Company kitchens and deli areas have proven vital to retaining top talent in busy areas such as Silicon Valley and New York City. These spaces allow workers to procure nutrition without fronting the fee for delivery, waiting and hoping someone else places their order correctly, or leaving with the risk of returning to work late. Commercial cleaning  services help enable workers to thrive with these facilities by completing the following hygiene-related tasks:

  • Wipe and clean all visible surfaces
  • Wipe and clean microwave inside out
  • Clean the sink and faucet
  • Empty trash receptacles, replace trash bag
  • Sweep, mop and dry the floor

Pritchard Industries provides professional janitorial services to many of our facilities management clients. Our porters and other specialized staff are on-call 24/7 in the event of a spill or emergency. Our janitorial staff work tirelessly around the clock to maintain our client sites to the Pritchard Standard. Book a free consultation for a cleaning proposal today. Please feel free to use our cleaning checklist for business or facilities as starting off-point for your needs.