The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Property Maintenance

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If you want to improve your brand’s reputation, attract customers, delight employees, and protect the longevity of your buildings, then you need an effective strategy for commercial property maintenance.

From internal facility maintenance tasks, like decluttering and repairing assets, to external maintenance tasks, like exterior painting and landscaping, every organization needs a comprehensive strategy. At Pritchard Industries, we know just how important the right commercial property maintenance services are to our clients, helping them improve safety, and enhance curb appeal.

Here, we’re sharing our behind-the-scenes guide to mastering property maintenance, with comprehensive insights into all the tasks a property manager should consider. 

Commercial Property Maintenance Checklist

The key to effective commercial property maintenance is a holistic plan of action. Each commercial building has unique requirements to consider, from the standard commercial office, to airports, to medical labs, and even schools or universities. However, while the nuances of your maintenance checklist might vary, there are several key areas every property manager should address.

Let’s start by looking at the central services necessary for interior property maintenance.

Handyman Services

Commercial handyman services are the backbone of many maintenance plans. They ensure you can access dedicated support to address a range of small and significant tasks to keep your building safe, functional, and looking incredible.

The services offered by handymen focusing on building maintenance can range all the way from minor repairs like fixing leaky faucets, to assembling furniture. Handymen can also handle installations and even assist with your preventative maintenance strategy, preventing minor problems from escalating into expensive issues.

Electrical Maintenance

Repairing and preserving electrical systems is crucial to comprehensive building maintenance. In commercial offices, hospitals, schools, and more, your electric system powers everything from lighting to equipment. Electrical maintenance services combine regular inspections of electrical equipment with routine repairs, addressing everything from flickering lights to faulty wiring.

When utilized correctly, these services will keep your building operating smoothly, while protecting your visitors and employees from unnecessary risks.

Plumbing Maintenance

Similar to electrical maintenance, plumbing maintenance helps ensure your commercial property can continue to function properly. It helps to ensure the comfort of visitors and staff and protect your assets from leaks and water damage.

Companies offering plumbing services can inspect pipes for leaks and damage, test water pressure, service water heaters, clean drains, and more. They can even ensure fixtures and appliances remain in good working condition.

HVAC System Maintenance

The HVAC system in your commercial property ensures the comfort of your visitors and employees. Maintaining this system not only allows for consistent climate control, but it can also help to reduce energy consumption, lowering operational costs, and increasing the lifespan of your equipment.

A reputable provider of commercial property maintenance services like Pritchard Industries, can help with cleaning ducts and vents, changing air filters, inspecting thermostats, and even repairing refrigerant leaks. These maintenance services help to keep your building running perfectly, even as the seasons change.

Door Repair and Replacement Services

Doors don’t just add to the aesthetic appeal of a commercial property, they also contribute to your building’s security and energy efficiency. Damaged hinges, worn-out weather stripping and misalignment can compromise security, and lead to increased energy costs over time.

If you notice your doors need attention due to visible damage, drafts, or chronic creaks, a property maintenance provider can help restore your doors, or replace them when necessary.

Stone / Metal / Marble Care

Commercial buildings are packed with various types of materials, all of which need different levels of care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Stone, metal, and marble surfaces need regular cleaning and polishing to maintain their appearance and eliminate dirt and stains.

Sometimes, it may even be necessary to invest in metal restoration or stone restoration services, to repair scratches, tarnishing, and other forms of damage. With the right strategy of consistent polishing, sealing, and repair, you can ensure your surfaces remain pristine for longer periods. 

Pest Control Services

Pests are a common concern for companies investing in commercial building maintenance. They come in a range of forms, from rodents and insects, to birds, and can cause a range of issues. Pests can damage your property and assets, contaminate food supplies, and create health risks. Rodents and insects can even damage wiring and structural building components.

With a preventative maintenance strategy, you can reduce the risks caused by pests. Conducting regular inspections, sealing entry points, and maintaining cleanliness in every commercial environment, will help to keep infestations at bay, and create a more hygienic, safe environment.

Full-Service Landscape Maintenance

Most property management leaders know that exceptional property maintenance requires more than just a focus on internal rooms and systems. When building your maintenance plan, it is also crucial to think about the common areas around your building and the exterior of the structure.

At Pritchard Industries, we offer full-service landscape maintenance services designed to maintain the beauty and longevity of your buildings. Regularly completing tasks like mowing lawns, weeding flower beds, planting flowers, and trimming shrubs and trees will help elevate the curb appeal of your building, delighting both employees and potential customers.

A complete exterior property maintenance plan should include services like:

Lawn Fertilization and Mulching

Landscaping services keep the common areas around your building in perfect condition. Lawn fertilization services with proper nutrient management strategies help grass to grow and resist environmental stresses, like drought and pests. We recommend applying fertilizers in early spring, late spring, late summer, and fall, for year-round growth.

Mulching services, on the other hand, help plants around your commercial building to grow strong, while keeping weeds at bay. Various types of organic mulch, like wood chips and compost can improve soil fertility. Inorganic mulches, like fabric and gravel, help to improve weed suppression, and benefit from being relatively low maintenance.

Tree and Shrub Care

The trees and shrubs around your building aren’t just attractive, they can also help protect your business from inclement weather. Regular tree and shrub care tasks, such as trimming, pruning and disease management reduce the risk of falling limbs, while promoting healthy growth.

An eco-friendly commercial property maintenance company can spot signs of unhealthy plants, such as yellowing leaves, visible pests, and fungi, and address these issues with a range of treatments.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Irrigation system maintenance is frequently overlooked by many commercial property management teams. However, it’s crucial for maintaining commercial lawn health, and improving curb appeal.

As part of your landscape maintenance strategy, irrigation maintenance should include regular inspections of sprinkler heads, adjusting water schedules based on seasonal needs, and checking for leaks in the system. It may even be possible to implement rain sensors and other tools to help improve water conservation, and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Paving Repair/Replacement

Paving and exterior stone can suffer from damage over time. Cracks, potholes, and similar problems can lead to significant safety risks for your visitors and employees, while harming your curb appeal. Plus, they can lead to accidents and liability risks.

While minor cracks and surface damage can be repaired with patching or sealing from a commercial property maintenance team, extensive damage may necessitate a total replacement of your paving.

Parking Lot Striping and Cleaning

The parking lot is one of the most important parts of your property’s exterior. Clear, durable parking lot markings are essential for guiding traffic, outlining clear parking spaces, and ensuring you comply with accessibility regulations.

Commercial property management teams should invest regularly in parking lot sweeping and cleaning, as well as reapplying paint to parking lot markings when necessary.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a highly effective tool for cleaning exterior surfaces. It helps with removing dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from parking lots, sidewalks, building exteriors, and driveways. Depending on their location, and how often they’re exposed to the elements, these common areas should be power washed at least a couple of times a year to maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Often, many commercial building managers combine power washing services with various other services, from janitorial cleaning support to window cleaning, to commercial building repair.

Winter Property Management

A comprehensive commercial property maintenance strategy can change from one season to the next. During the summer months, you may invest more in window cleaning and lawn care, whereas in the winter months, you’ll need to take additional precautions to protect visitors and your building from the side effects of inclement weather.

Some of the additional tasks you might need to add to your checklist include:

  • Snow plowing: Timely snow removal ensures the safety and accessibility of your commercial property. Clear parking lots and pathways help to reduce risks and ensure people can reach your building safely. Ensure you have a strategy in place for pre-treating surfaces before snowfall and removing excess snow when necessary.
  • Ice management: Ice can be dangerous in any commercial landscape. A property maintenance strategy that includes methods for preventing ice build-up and removing ice with safe, eco-friendly techniques can help protect your visitors, and your assets.
  • Snow relocation: After lengthy bouts of snow, snow relocation becomes crucial to make parking spaces, access routes, and other building assets accessible. Reliable service providers can help to relocate snow safely, using heavy machinery.

Mastering Commercial Property Maintenance

Implementing the right strategy for commercial property maintenance requires a comprehensive approach. It’s essential to think about everything from handyman and janitorial services, to plumbing and electrical maintenance, and even exterior maintenance strategies.

To ensure your commercial property stays safe, aesthetically appealing, and comfortable year-round, you’ll need the support of the right property maintenance experts. At Pritchard Industries, our expertise with everything from preventative maintenance to landscaping, and property management, make us the ideal partner for building owners in a range of industries.

Contact Pritchard industries today to learn how we can help optimize your property maintenance strategy and to get a quote for your services.