What Is Antimicrobial Inhibitor Coating?

A growing concern in the medical field and cleaning service industry in recent years is the increasing resistance of harmful pathogens to standard antibiotics and chemicals in disinfection products. This problem has led to a lot of innovative research into other ways to prevent the spread of infection, especially in a hospital setting. One of the leading innovations to emerge from these efforts is antimicrobial coating.

What is antimicrobial inhibitor coating?

Antimicrobial inhibitor coating is specially designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on various surfaces. Chemical agents in the coating either attack and kill microbes that settle on surfaces to stop them from spreading or prevent them from attaching to the surface altogether.

How is antimicrobial inhibitor coating used?

By applying it to surfaces throughout the building, antimicrobial inhibitor coating is used to decontaminate and protect a facility by controlling the spread of infection. It is primarily used in medical facilities to sterilize surfaces (walls, carpets, counters, door handles, HVAC vents), medical and surgical devices, and other vital equipment. Antimicrobial coating is slowly becoming more widely available in other commercial settings, especially since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

What are the benefits of using antimicrobial inhibitor coating in your facility?

Standard and even increased cleaning practices, while still important, can only remove bacteria, virus and mold causing illness that is already there. This leaves your facility at risk for the time between when the microorganisms attach to surfaces and when you’re able to decontaminate them. Comparatively, antimicrobial coatings give you the ability to protect your occupants from infection and disease before it spreads.

At Pritchard Industries, we are constantly training our technicians in the latest cleaning and disinfecting techniques to assure our clients have the most advanced protection in the industry. Our company is one of a select few to offer proactive application of antimicrobial inhibitor coating to keep the occupants of commercial facilities safe and healthy.

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