3 New Technologies That Are Changing the Future of Commercial Cleaning

In any business, innovation is the key to success. If you’re not constantly researching and implementing new ways to provide your services and products more effectively and efficiently, you can be sure that your competitor will.

As the CEO of one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in the nation, an integral part of my job is staying on top of new technologies that will impact how my team does theirs. These are some of the cutting-edge innovations that are starting to transform how we deliver what our clients need.

1) Autonomous Robotics

In the age of the coronavirus, automated cleaning robots are exactly what businesses need to reduce the number of people in their space and at the same time optimize cleanliness and sanitation.

Computer-controlled, industrial-grade machines can scrub surfaces and apply widespread disinfectant more efficiently and thoroughly than any human. Their routes are programmed, so they can cover every inch of a business or focus on areas that need special attention. By eliminating the human element, you eliminate human error along with it and maintain a higher, standardized level of cleanliness.

2) Ultraviolet Cleaning Devices

Tools that harness UV light for rapid and widespread disinfecting are revolutionizing the sanitation of commercial and public spaces. Ultraviolet light renders infection-causing microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, inactive. By treating buildings and high-touch surfaces with UV light, you destroy those microbes and stop infection from spreading.

Aside from their ability to sterilize, UV cleaning devices are likely to expand in the commercial cleaning industry because of their sustainability. Especially when used in conjunction with the aforementioned robotic cleaning technology, UV light is perhaps the most efficient and effective chemical-free disinfectant on the market.

3) AI Quality Control Systems

Commercial cleaning is not just about the services provided, but also evaluating the quality of those services. Automated quality control systems that use AI to collect data rapidly allow us to take an objective measurement of quality and adhere to a quantifiable standard. These systems can also take quality assurance a step further by analyzing that data to predict patterns, potential issues, and quickly identify existing problem areas.

Humans working to collect and interpret this same data not only add a component of subjectivity that can affect the results, but are likely to miss something due to the repetitive nature of the job. With AI at the helm of quality control, businesses can truly see whether their commercial cleaning company is doing its job and maintaining a safe, healthy environment.

At Pritchard Industries, I’ve wasted no time securing the newest technologies, training my team in the most advanced methodologies, and creating a holistic approach to cleaning, disinfecting, and safety for our clients.

To learn more about how my team and I are continuing to provide innovative and exceptional service in each of our markets—and how we can help your business—contact your local Pritchard office today!