Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Service & Why Every Business Needs It

The most successful companies in the world hire commercial cleaners to keep the workplace clean. Especially in the times of COVID, cleanliness and sanitization is vital for employee health and safety. Commercial cleaning services offer a wide variety of benefits for both business owners and employees. Below we outline the greatest benefits.

What Does a Commercial Cleaner Do?

No one should be stuck in a dirty office every day—hiring a commercial cleaning company enables your business to ensure each employee’s office space smells fresh every day. Beyond ensuring that your work environment maintains a professional image to support your brand, commercial cleaning services can also reduce the number of sick days that employees take.

Wise business owners know that investor meetings, board meetings, and even everyday staff meetings are just a few of the tasks that a professional commercial cleaning service can transmute from a chore into a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

When enlisting a commercial cleaning service to assist with running your business, it’s vital to ensure that the company provides the services you need, such as professional office cleaning. It’s also important to ensure that the professional commercial cleaning services adhere to ethical standards that align with your brand when providing their services.

That commonly includes line-item checks, such as sustainable cleaning products and professional organization membership within sustainability-focused circles.

Pritchard Industries Inc. is proud to support our portfolio of clients including:

  • Commercial Real Estate Companies managing Class A
  • Office Buildings
  • Corporate Parks
  • Work Centers
  • Educational Facilities (K-12 and Higher Education)
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Industrial Operations Including
  • Industrial Manufacturing Centers
  • Industrial Distribution Centers
  • Industrial Data Centers

On occasion, Pritchard may accept contracts outside of these specific areas, but any contracts of this nature are taken expressly at the discretion of Pritchard Industries Inc.

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services?

When considering the differences between commercial and residential cleaning, remember to note what services are offered by companies that serve each market. Steam cleaning may be offered in both locations, but many residential cleaning companies lack the equipment and specialized training required to sterilize commercial facilities, such as a full set of arena stands or theater seats to the same degree that a commercial cleaning company can.

Further, commercial cleaners tend to hold a strong focus on employee well-being and quality of life. As a result of this focus, commercial cleaning companies tend to use different technical cleaning methods, different cleaning products, and they often offer different types of cleaning services altogether.

While it may not be fair to say that cleaning quality is substantially different within the unique context of the respective category, the level of cleaning is often far higher for industrial and professional commercial cleaning companies. Given the recent nature of healthcare and need for sterile and clean facilities, commercial cleaning companies have led the charge to protect the public from illness.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

There are numerous types of commercial cleaning services that businesses can request. Each comes with its own unique benefits. This list of commercial cleaning service types has been listed to provide a brief overview of the services we offer within each cleaning type as well as offer some insight into how they are often beneficial to our customers.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

  • Companies often request janitorial cleaning services in order to ensure that their facilities and restrooms are kept in excellent shape, regularly stocked with toiletries and other supplies, and maintained to a specific standard. Pritchard janitors utilize an electronic task management system to ensure that even the finest details are always managed.

Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet cleaning services often serve to deodorize dirty offices and ensure that air quality is maintained at a minimum standard. Among carpet cleaning and restoration services, steam cleaning is widely regarded as the overall best. Pritchard carpet cleaning specialists have been trained to utilize the right tools at the right time to ensure carpets are well cared for and clean at all times. We don’t default to one method or another.

Window Cleaning Services

  • When buildings are maintained well, one of the first things that comes to mind is the clarity of glass within offices and industrial sites. Sight clarity is a must-have when considering workplace cleanliness and safety. Smudges and other sight obstructions can be both dangerous and unsightly.
  • Pritchard window cleaning specialists are versed in both high-rise window cleaning services and general office window cleaning services, as well as everything in-between.

Restroom Cleaning Services

  • When business partners, busy executives, customers, or other people need to relieve themselves, they’re not likely to welcome a restroom that has not been well-maintained. This includes clean floors and amenities, properly stocked toiletries, as well as fully-functional plumbing and lighting.
  • Pritchard restroom cleaning specialists have been trained to maintain restrooms of all sorts using the correct cleaning products which we have hand-selected as a LEED Green certified enterprise.

Disinfection Cleaning Services

  • Disinfection cleaning services require a complex balance of cleaning with equal parts patience. Cleaning solutions don’t normally kill all microbes on contact. Generally, cleaning products may take as long as ten minutes, sitting damp on the surface, to properly disinfect common surfaces, such as counters and floors.
  • Pritchard disinfection cleaning specialists are trained according to the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) standards. Where necessary, we equip disinfection cleaning technicians with electrostatic foggers and cleaning agents which are EPA-certified for use in fogging. Many cleaning products are not certified for use in fogging applications.

Floor Cleaning

  • The likelihood of developing a workplace injury from a wet floor or improperly waxed floor isn’t worth the risk of cutting corners. Pritchard floor cleaning specialists have been trained in the proper maintenance methods for nearly all types of flooring. Included flooring types are granite, exotic hardwoods, concrete, asphalt, and tile.

Landscape Management Services

  • A professional commercial cleaning service should be willing to provide your business with a fully-functional and well-rounded clean. To us, that means working with the finest landscape management specialists in our area to ensure that every campus we service looks as aesthetically striking outside as it does on the inside.

Snow Removal and Planning Services

  • Sometimes, the weather provides challenges that can endanger business partners who may be in on travel, employees on the way to their daily hustles, and even customers who are just looking to do business. Pritchard serves some of the world’s most acclaimed businesses when it comes to snow removal and weather mitigation planning.
  • Among the most common feedback we get from clients: “It’s so nice to know that we aren’t going to have to call someone once we make it into the office, that they are monitoring the weather and I can come into the office without worrying about falling on stairs or sidewalks.”

Why is Commercial Cleaning Important for Businesses?

Commercial cleaning is vital to maintaining and operating a successful business wherein people will visit a physical site or campus. The benefits to customer experience and professional image are boundless. We’ve aggregated a few of the benefits that our clients commonly report to present here.

Enhanced Professional Image

Businesses which fail to maintain their facilities give an impression of business weakness or a history of lacking cashflow. When businesses appear to be in trouble financially, other enterprises are less likely to do business with them. That results in further limited cashflows.

When businesses maintain a strong professional image through commercial cleaning, however, they put their best foot forward and offer passive reassurance that their business is thriving. This image can garner additional business and revenue inflow as well as easing any potential tension with on-site visitors.

Less Administrative Costs

Businesses which enlist professional commercial cleaning services experience notably reduced administrative costs in terms of employee sick time, workers’ compensation, and a variety of other line items.

Fewer Liability Risks

Liability comes in many forms, including the risk of someone taking a fall or having an accident with the site’s facilities. Among the most recent liability concerns that businesses faced was COVID-19. In order to mitigate risks that our customers faced as a result of the pandemic.

Our process included monitoring changes in and following CDC-issued guidelines and best practices issued by other organizations such as GBAC and the International Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA).

Better Office Morale & Productivity

Clean offices and clean workspaces have been shown to drastically improve morale, organization, and productivity for workers. Additional benefits to mental health and cooperation have also been noted among our clients’ employees.

Fewer Sick Days

When exposed to higher air quality and a cleaner workspace, people are notably less like to call-in-sick and also far less likely to experience negative health impacts that repeated and long-term exposure to poor-quality air can impose on their bodies.


There’s a huge time cost to working in a messy environment. The two or three seconds spent shuffling around tight corners or rearranging things constantly alone can quickly turn into hours of lost productivity per month. The cost only rises if important assets are lost in the mess as well.

Consistent Supply Replenishment

Commercial cleaning services are able to ensure that office consumables, such as paper, water, ink and toner, and other supplies are replenished regularly, preventing lost productivity due to regular trips to the supply closets or the office supply store. Our goal is to ensure you’re able to work at your best as we work toward a cleaner world for tomorrow.