Dallas Janitorial Services

Transforming your area’s facilities with our premiere Dallas commercial cleaning services.


Dallas and the Fort Worth area businesses deserve reliable and expert janitorial service.

Pritchard understands that your customers and team expect (and should have) a clean environment. Keeping your commercial property clean signals professionalism and a commitment to quality. It also ensures a healthy environment for your staff and enables them to produce superior work consistently.

Pritchard’s commercial cleaning and facility maintenance include restroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, exterior services, and more.  Routine Dallas janitorial services maintain your commercial space to create a welcoming environment. Disinfection and other industrial cleaning services are available to companies throughout Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Janitorial Services for Your Dallas Commercial Space

It is through our unique quality control efforts and sustainability practices we have established ourselves as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry with a 98% customer retention rate. As a commercial facility cleaning company in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, we offer quality services that stand out from the rest.

With commercial building maintenance and facility cleaning services from Pritchard Industries, you can feel confident that your Dallas area business is consistently putting its best foot forward.

  • Janitorial & Building Maintenance Services: For example, regular dusting, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing of surfaces, which can be tailored to fit your business’s needs.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaning can improve the overall look and feel of any workspace.
  • Commercial Window Cleaning: We can clean windows both inside and outside, eliminating dirt, smudges, and streaks to make your windows shine.
  • Floor & Furniture Care: We use the latest cleaning products and techniques to tackle a range of floor and furniture surfaces.
  • Emergency Cleaning Response: We offer an emergency response service for when an unexpected mess occurs. Our team will be on-site quickly and will work efficiently to minimize the damage and restore the area to its former condition.
  • Recycling Services: Our team of experts will take care of all of your recycling needs, from sorting and separating materials to properly disposing of them.
  • Restroom Disinfection: We use safe and effective disinfectants to keep your restrooms clean and sanitary.

Disinfecting, Sanitation, and Janitorial Services in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

As part of our commitment to the health and safety of your Dallas commercial facility, Pritchard Industries trains our specialists in the latest cleaning advancements. We know that as a commercial business owner, you care just as much for the well-being of your employees and customers as we care about ours.

Whether it’s a sudden natural disaster or a local or widespread disease outbreak that leaves your office building vulnerable, Pritchard is always ready to take swift action. Our team will deep clean and disinfect your facility, as well as apply a preventative antimicrobial coating to all your surfaces to inhibit the attachment, growth, and spread of hazardous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

When you leave your Dallas, TX commercial building maintenance to Pritchard Industries, we guarantee our highly trained and experienced staff will take care of your facility as they would their own home. For more information about our commercial cleaning services or how we assure quality performance with a back-to-basics approach, give us a call at 972-644-3055 today!

Types of Facilities Served

Our clients and facilities range from small businesses to large corporations, from office buildings to laboratories. Regardless of the environment in which we work, our staff is accustomed to providing high quality commercial cleaning services..

Office Buildings

Office cleaning services offer a range of essential tasks, including disinfection, upholstery cleaning, and thorough sanitization of high-touch surfaces. In bustling urban areas like Dallas and Fort Worth, it is vital to consistently disinfect counters and desks to uphold a safe and healthy office setting.

Residential Buildings

Pritchard takes the time to understand your concerns and provides dependable and secure cleaning services for residential property owners and managers at an affordable cost.

Medical Facilities

Cleaning and sanitization in healthcare facilities demand a higher level of attention. Pritchard employs skilled professionals who undergo GBAC training and utilize FDA-approved electrostatic fogger equipment along with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions like hydrogen peroxide-based sprays.


Warehouses and storage facilities often accumulate debris, dust, and potential hazards. Professional cleaning and janitorial services are essential to handle spills and prevent injuries or workers’ compensation claims.

Financial Institutions

Dallas Fort Worth financial institutions and banks require comprehensive cleaning and sanitization protocols, especially during off-hours. Window cleaning service is frequently requested in financial institutions.


Airport cleaning services cover the general cleaning of terminals, restrooms, and high-traffic areas. Efficient trash removal, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning are also essential to uphold cleanliness standards and enhance the passenger experience.

Data Centers

Cleaning services for data centers comply with strict standards and prioritize anti-static cleaning techniques. Technicians undergo specialized training to handle sensitive equipment and minimize the risk of downtime caused by dust and debris.

Educational Buildings

From schools to universities, cleaning services for educational buildings encompass general cleaning of common areas, restroom disinfection, and grounds upkeep.


Lab cleaning services include general cleaning, glass washing, trash removal, and thorough disinfection to eliminate germs and prevent cross-contamination.

Why Choose Pritchard for Commercial Cleaning?

When it comes to commercial cleaning and janitorial services, we understand that there are countless options to choose from. That’s why it’s important to evaluate the unique needs of your business and consider what sets each cleaner apart. At Pritchard, our values of People, Partnerships, and Progress drive our approach to cleaning and maintaining commercial facilities.

Our partnership with you begins with consultations to understand your specific commercial cleaning requirements. We deliver tangible and accurate results that align with your needs, adapting as they evolve. Day after day, we show up consistently to fulfill your cleaning requirements and with the highest standards.

In line with our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, Pritchard Industries proudly holds both Green Seal and LEED Green certifications. This means our highly trained technicians in Dallas use eco-friendly practices, including the use of microbial-based cleaners, to minimize our environmental impact.

Discover the full range of our Dallas janitorial services and experience the Pritchard difference for yourself.

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