San Antonio Commercial Cleaning Services

Revitalize your space with Pritchard’s San Antonio commercial cleaning services.


Here at Pritchard Industries, we pride ourselves on delivering phenomenal service to every one of our clients, whether you’re looking for specialized solutions for a sensitive environment or a basic regular clean. After all, a clean commercial environment isn’t just essential for health and safety reasons, it’s also crucial to making the right impact on your customers, partners, and team members. 

With our wide range of services, from carpet cleaning to property management and more, you can ensure your environment remains safe, hygienic, and stunning, year after year. 

Our San Antonio Commercial Cleaning Services

Every business is different, with its own specific needs for cleaning and sanitation. That’s why we work with our San Antonio clients to provide a customized service tailored to your needs. 

We’ll ensure you always make a positive first impression with commercial cleaning and disinfection services delivered by a team of industry experts. Our janitorial and hygiene services can address the needs of a wide range of companies, from industrial and residential businesses to companies in specialist industries, such as aviation, education, and life sciences. 

Our staff is equipped with the best training and resources on the market to ensure exceptional results every time. Plus, our team members know how to handle delicate operations, from disinfection to cleaning fragile machinery and equipment. 

Just some of the tailor-made commercial space  packages we offer include:

We believe in going above and beyond the services offered by any other cleaning company in San Antonio, guaranteeing a quality clean with sustainable solutions.

The San Antonio Facilities We Serve

Throughout the years, our teams of experts have delivered phenomenal San Antonio commercial cleaning services to a wide range of clients and business types. Our flexible services can accommodate even the most specialized requirements, so you can always rest assured you’ll get great results. 

Just some of the types of companies we serve include:

  • Data centers: Cleanliness is crucial to maintaining the equipment and tools within a high-functioning data center. Using the most precise strategies, our team members know how to deliver deep cleaning without damaging your vulnerable equipment. 
  • Life sciences: In the life sciences industry, a hygienic environment is crucial to protecting critical products, preventing cross-contamination, and boosting efficiency. Pritchard Industries offers state-of-the-art cleaning services to pharmaceutical companies, labs, and more. 
  • Aviation: The aviation industry can be a hotbed for bacteria and germs, thanks to high levels of foot traffic. Here at Pritchard Industries, we’re experts at working with airports large and small to keep their terminals and facilities sparkling clean. 
  • Office buildings: A clean workplace is a productive workplace. At Pritchard Industries, our office cleaning service covers all the basics, from disinfection and upholstery cleaning to high-touch surface cleansing. We work with you to create a safe office environment. 
  • Medical offices: Facilities in the healthcare industry require an advanced level of cleaning and sanitation. The cleaning professionals at Pritchard are GBAC-trained technicians, capable of using FA-approved equipment, green cleaning solutions, and the most precise measures. 
  • Warehouses and logistics: Storage facilities in the logistics sector can quickly become overrun with dust, grime, dirt, and scrap materials. We can help clean everything from hazardous spills to dusty machinery. 
  • Financial institutions: Transform your bank or stock exchange with a thorough cleaning service from Pritchard Industry. We offer everything from window cleaning to floor cleaning to ensure your entire facility shines.
  • Schools and Universities: Make sure your educational facility is safe and hygienic for the next generation. Our San Antonio school and university cleaning services cover all crucial cleaning tasks for any kind of educational space, big or small. 

Why Choose Pritchard Industries?

Pritchard Industries prides itself on being the go-to partner for commercial cleaning service in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to keeping your facility clean and fully maintained and protecting and preserving your business assets as well. 

Our innovative approach to quality control helps us maintain high levels of customer satisfaction among all our clients. We utilize solutions like:

  • CleanTouch software for streamlined communications, work order creation, and service quality tracking for all of our industrial cleaning services. 
  • Strict EPA guidelines & LEED certification requirement adherence.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products and methods for environmental protection
  • Protective disinfecting services to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading

Our San Antonio cleaning services for commercial companies are some of the most highly renowned in the industry. We’re proud to say we have a customer retention rate of over 98% — the best in the industry — and we’re always working to improve our cleaning solution.

Pritchard Industries: The Ultimate Commercial Cleaners

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. After all, we know your business is more than just a company; it’s your livelihood and your passion. Countless companies in San Antonio and the surrounding area rely on us to deliver quality commercial cleaning services, and we’re committed to providing the right results every time. 

We believe in delivering exceptional customer service, precision, and reliability in all of our services, no matter how large or small your business might be. Plus, we adhere to the highest industry standards. Pritchard Industries is LEED Green and Green Seal certified, making us ideal for eco-friendly companies looking to retain their green standing. 

Contact Pritchard Industries today to learn more about San Antonio commercial cleaning services, or book your first commercial cleaning today. 

“We’ve had the opportunity to utilize the disinfection spraying and anti-microbial coating services by Pritchard. It has put to ease the minds of those frontline workers that must come to the office every day. 

The Pritchard day and night crews have done an outstanding job of maintaining the standard of the facility while also paying special attention to the high touchpoints. Please pass along our gratitude and appreciation to each and every staffer that supports this facility.”

– CTECC, 911 Call Center

”I had a meeting with JPMorgan Chase’s corporate real estate executives earlier this week.  They were very complimentary of the housekeeping services on their floors”

– Senior Manager, Fortis

“Pritchard Industries has provided us with outstanding service for more than a year. The company has been attentive and resourceful in fulfilling all of our needs. The customer service is backed by dependable, and responsive account executives. 

The Pritchard team is always willing to work with me from the smallest routine service to larger uncommon clean-ups. As some protests across the country experienced looting and property damage, the GM was present with a team helping to clean and restabilize my building once the dust settled.”

– Plaza – Atlanta, GA

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